What candidates need to know about the post COVID “new normal”

  By Frank Burtnett  |    Friday April 9, 2022

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EMInfo Reader: What do candidates for employment need to know about how the post COVID “new normal” and how it will affect them? 


Dr. Burtnett: First, and foremost, candidate will need to know that multiple options (full return to the workplace, full workplace combined with remote work and full remote work) options now exists in many employment settings. If the past couple of years have resulted in workers becoming more comfortable in a different work style, now is the time to make it known and part of their future job search when possible.

Second, the hiring protocols (i.e., electronic job postings, etc.) and practices (i.e., Zoom employment interviews, etc.) which candidates for employment must navigate have been expanded and altered to various degrees by different search /staffing firms and human resources departments. Participation in social media networks have extended our ability to engage in valuable career networks. Time and attention must devoted to learning these tools and techniques, as they will pay dividends in the procurement of placements. 

Also surfacing since 2020 has been a heightened use of the new technology to aid workforce members expand their knowledge and develop their skill set as demanded by the omnipresent emphasis on lifelong learning.

American work workers and workplaces have been changed by the coronavirus pandemic and the “silver lining” that has offset the misfortunes has been the resilience of the workforce in meeting the changes and challenges thrown in their career paths.

Finally, every search and staffing professional must help candidates learn and practice any new behaviors required during times of job change, interruption or loss. The more our candidates practice positive and confident self-awareness, exploration, decision-making, and goal setting skills, the better their chances of achieving their desired career success and satisfaction.

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