What is the Value of Good Day Labor Staffing Software?

  By Terri Roeslmeier  |    Monday August 8, 2022

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It’s not uncommon for a “Day Labor” staffing company to run three shifts, 7 days per week.  Day labor staffing is a difficult business that requires the utmost in efficiency as last minute and early morning jobs require qualified workers.  

Dispatchers have to know who is available and what is required.  The dispatcher must know if safety glasses, boots, heavy lifting or other skills are needed for the job.  Once people are staffed, work tickets are usually required and workers may report back at the end of the day to pick up their pay.  


How Are Day Labor Staffing Companies Different

Although the process appears simple, day labor staffing companies must adhere to the same rules as any other staffing company and need to keep good records.  The major difference is that jobs are filled much faster than most other staffing industry jobs.  Workers have to be processed in order to be put to work.  

This means verifying social security numbers, performing drug and alcohol testing and making sure that workers have the appropriate equipment for the job.  All of this may have to happen immediately when workers show up at a staffing facility’s office to be put to work that day


How Can Staffing Software Improve Day Labor Agencies?

Imagine having workers check in on-site by entering their social security #. This allows for a tracking system that can track and manage them in real time. The system can immediately verify whether or not they are a registered worker.  If they are registered, a message comes up on the screen asking them to take a seat in the waiting area.  Also immediate is notification to the dispatcher that the registered worker is on-site and waiting to be assigned.  

Because the worker is registered in the system, the dispatcher has information on skills and tests that the worker has taken and if any of the tests may be expired.  If the worker’s social is not recognized, a message to the worker will indicate that they must go to the registration desk for processing before they can be put to work.


More Information Allows Better Management

With a system in place, the dispatcher has complete information on open jobs as well as available on-site workers. The information will help the dispatcher quickly staff and print out either group or single work tickets.  By assigning the workers, the worker goes into the assignment process.  Workers in this process will get paid either that day or according to the staffing company’s selected payroll method, which could be daily, weekly, biweekly, etc.  For day labor, the most popular choices are daily pay or weekly. 

Time is a Vital Consideration

Many staffing software solutions will not process payroll on a daily basis, yet this option is often critical for day labor staffing companies.  The ability to either print checks daily or fund pay cards is many times a way of life for day labor.  It may also be important to print a single check on demand.  

The payroll process must be streamlined yet provide the appropriate tax deductions, garnishment considerations and audit trails.  Also of importance is the billing component. Customer invoices must contain detail and be accurate.

Day Labor staffing could take place directly at the job site.  Workers may be required to report to baseball fields, factory locations, construction sites, etc.  For these considerations often mobile devices must be used by dispatchers in order to perform automated tasks and process assignments.


The Need For Day Labor Workers Is Substantial 

Although there are many large and prominent companies that provide this type of staffing, there are also many smaller companies that provide this type of service.  One may not think of staffing in terms of day labor, yet this is a very important segment of the industry.  Workers satisfy a number of requirements and it is very helpful to have firms that provide the service that many unskilled workers rely on.  Some workers are unable to commit to longer assignments, and others use day labor as a stepping stone for a transition to full time employment.  Check out the Ultra-Staff EDGE Labor Dispatch Module to help handle all of your day labor needs from registration to dispatch to a paycheck at the end of the day!


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