What to Do If Your Clients REALLY Aren’t Hiring Right Now

  By Brad Bialy  |    Tuesday June 25, 2024

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This topic was initially discussed on InSights, a show under the Secrets of Staffing Success podcast, hosted by Brad Bialy and Matt Lozar.

Encountering periods where it feels like no one is hiring is not just a possibility—it’s inevitable. 

These droughts can keep staffing professionals up at night. Hiring is the lifeblood of the staffing industry. It’s understandable to feel uneasy when the job orders dry up. But the staffing companies that survive and even thrive through the tough times are the ones that remain focused, consistent and proactive no matter what the market brings (or doesn’t). Here’s what’s working for them:

Confront Reality, but Stay Optimistic

As Brad Bialy puts it, “The industry as a whole is down 20%. Times are a little bit tough right now in 2024.” This shared challenge across the industry suggests that while you may be facing a tough time, you’re certainly not alone.  The first step is accepting the situation without letting it dampen your spirit or drive, knowing that your peers are facing the same challenges and your team is there to support you.

Keep the Communication Channels Open

When no one is hiring, it’s easy to fall into the trap of pulling back and reducing your efforts. But this is the time to double down on relationship building. Brad Bialy says, “If no one is hiring right now, we need to do more than we’ve ever done to get in front of those people so that when they are hiring, they know who to call.” Every outreach, every connection, becomes an opportunity to solidify relationships that will pay dividends when the market turns.

Sharpen Your Value Proposition

In times of hiring freezes, differentiate yourself by emphasizing your unique value proposition. Matt Lozar advises, “Focus on your messaging, employee value proposition, testimonials, and case studies.” These elements showcase the unique benefits you offer, making it easier for potential clients to understand why they should choose you when they’re ready to hire.

Explore and Resolve Pain Points

Even if companies aren’t hiring, they’re likely facing challenges that you can help solve. Engaging with current and potential clients about their pain points demonstrates your genuine care and positions you as a solutions provider, not just a service. As Brad Bialy notes, “There has to be a pain point there... What can you really, really do to diversify yourself?”

Stay Consistently Visible

Visibility is key. In a market where hiring isn’t happening, your presence, whether through social media, content marketing, or networking events, keeps you in the minds of decision-makers. Somebody’s going to be hiring; your job is to ensure that when that moment comes, your staffing company is the first they think of. Until the market recovers, keep your firm top of mind:


  • Update Your Approach: Transition to a sales approach that combines digital and traditional techniques. Incorporating blogging, SEO, PPC, social media, and email into your strategy will keep your outreach current and appealing.
  • Focus on Relationship Building: Turn every interaction into an opportunity to build relationships. This approach ensures your staffing company remains the first choice for clients when the market rebounds.
  • Ramp Up Networking and Social Selling: Network and build your brand through LinkedIn and other social platforms. Combining virtual and face-to-face networking enhances your social selling impact.
  • Get Creative with Communication: Explore digital tools like texting, direct messaging, WhatsApp, Slack, and video emails. Integrating AI can refine writing quality, audience targeting, and timing for your outreach efforts.
  • Make the Most of Content Marketing: Use content marketing to assert your authority, set your brand apart, and enrich sales interactions. Tailor your message to meet your audience’s needs wherever they are.
  • Encourage Personal Branding: Promote personal branding among your salespeople and recruiters. A strong personal brand not only aids sales efforts but also amplifies your firm’s overall market presence.
  • Be Ready to Pivot: Embrace flexibility and adaptability as your guiding principles. Quick adaptation to market shifts and client requirements is crucial for continued success, especially in unpredictable times.
  • Leverage AI for Efficiency: Adopt AI early to stay ahead in sales productivity and market competition. Use AI for in-depth market and industry research, sales email optimization, training, and enhancing your website’s user experience.
  • Optimize Lead Generation: Employ advanced lead generation tools for precise targeting and integrate them with automation to fine-tune your marketing efforts based on prospective clients’ needs.

The challenges of 2024 should be seen not as obstacles but as opportunities for growth and innovation. Use downtime to explore new services or business models that can offer additional value to your clients, such as consulting services or training programs for their existing workforce. By focusing on communication, refining your value proposition, and exploring innovative solutions, your company can navigate the tough times and emerge even stronger.



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