By Judy Collins  |    Tuesday September 11, 2019

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The summer is behind us, the kids are in school, and the parents are ready to go back to work. Many companies are gearing up for the up-coming fall season, laying plans for augmenting their staff to take advantage of the booming economy. Perm placements are a high priority in this competitive market and key hiring decisions take time and effort and often cause delay in finding adequate staff. Many companies are interested in hiring temp or contract personnel for provisional staffing or as a supplement to their direct hires in order to achieve their goals.


You should be prepared to take advantage when opportunity knocks, and your client expresses interest in temp or contract workers. You may proactively suggest this option to demonstrate your ability and willingness to help your clients with their staffing needs. When the request comes in you can feel confident that you can help them. A temp or contract person can be on the job in 24 hours if you are set up in advance with a back-office provider.


While a direct hire gives you an immediate one-time payment, you may spend quite a lot of time and effort culling the available candidates before the right match is found. In the culling process, you may find candidates that are less than optimal, but show excellent potential. Consider putting these candidates forward on a temp or contract basis while the search continues for Mr./Ms. Right. A temp placement can generate an income stream for you and then a direct payment via a conversion fee if the candidate works out and is ultimately hired direct. If a client company is unsure about a candidate, they can be hired at minimal risk for a trial period.


Offering temp and contract placements in conjunction with direct hires is an important way to help your clients. You can take advantage of important trends in the labor marketplace: many workers may prefer a temp or contract placement over direct hire. Baby Boomers are an excellent choice for temp and contract assignments since they offer knowledge and experience.  Contract placements are a useful supplement to direct hires.


Put in place an Employer of Record Service Agreement so you are ready to strike while the iron is hot! Your client company will appreciate your forethought and initiative and you will demonstrate your commitment to their success.


Call Evergreen Contract Resources today and we will set you up. No cost. No obligation. Use us when you need us, WHEN OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS, BE READY…FOR TEMP AND CONTRACT PLACEMENTS!

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