You and your +1: A Date with Possibility

  By Kathleen Kurke  |    Sunday November 12, 2018

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If you’re currently or have recently been single, you’ve likely received an invitation addressed to you and a +1, giving you permission to bring a significant other or friend to the event referenced in the invitation. In those cases, your +1 is a re-active strategy. They invite you and a +1, and you decide who/if you’re going to bring. Re-active +1 is great in those social situations. 


When we’re on the phone with clients or candidates, proactive +1 is the fastest route to increase production and profitability. In your business and in working your desk, I encourage you to operate with a proactive +1 strategy to create possibility.


With a proactive +1 strategy, you create the possibility of +1 Send-out, +1 Job Order, +1 referral, +1 advancement and/or all of these beyond the original intent of the call, all adding up to +1 placement. 


Here are some ideas on to leverage a proactive +1 strategy:


When you’re presenting a candidate to a client that you’re certain is a good fit, bring a +1 candidate into your conversation. This +1 doesn’t have to be a ‘perfect’ fit but should have experiences and accomplishments that demonstrate their ability do the job. When introducing this +1 to the client highlight the areas where the candidate is a good fit and share any other information as an open question. Your proactive +1strategy could generate another Send-out which can lead to an additional Placement. 


When you’re presenting candidates on an open assignment you’re already working on, present a +1 candidate that could be a fit for a different role in that organization. Present a rock-star candidate that can help the company make money or save money in a different part of the organization. Your proactive +1 strategy could generate another Send-out which can lead to an additional placement. 


When you’re reference checking a candidate, present a +1 candidate once you’re done with the reference check conversation. Ask questions about the business needs in that person’s company and the company’s challenges in making money and saving money. Present a candidate with experience solving those challenges and your proactive +1 strategy could generate another Assignment and another Send-out. 


When you’re presenting an opportunity to a candidate, present a +1 opportunity to that same candidate. If that candidate is serious about making a move, they’re going to consider multiple opportunities, regardless what they might say to the contrary. Your proactive +1 strategy could generate an additional Send-out which can lead to an additional placement. 


I challenge you to bring a proactive +1 to every conversation as a way of multiplying your possibilities in this business. 

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