10 Reasons Why You Should Attend California Staffing Professionals' Owners Only Retreat By Rosanna Hayden

  By Anonymous  |    Monday September 12, 2017

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As part of our responsibilities as search firm and/or staffing services company owners, we are tasked with coming up with brilliant ideas on a regular basis that guide and direct our own and team activities, avoid legal issues, give us a cutting edge advantage with our candidates and clients, and allow us to grow our companies, amongst our many other duties…..  It’s far too easy to get caught up in our day to day set of to do’s rather than focusing on the bigger picture ideas.  Having dedicated time to focus on gaining these bigger picture ideas is what California Staffing Professionals Owners Only Retreat is all about.  To aid you in deciding whether or not you should attend, I offer the following 10 Reasons why you should.

Our Keynote Speaker, Doug Beabout

Doug has over thirty-five years of experience which includes having been a hands-on owner and manager of both search firms and staffing services firms.  Whether you are a search firm owner and/or a staffing firm owner, Doug will have something in each of his sessions geared towards your success.  His owners boot camp sessions include, Maximizing your Business Potential in our Current Economy, Developing a Rainmaking Team, How to Build a Business that Will Sell Profitably, Best Practices in Adding Direct Hire or Temporary Staffing Service Offerings to Your Existing Lines of Business and last but not least a Q&A session responding to attendees about what businesswise keeps them up at night.

Staffing Industry Analysts – Presentation and Take Away Brochure

Staffing Industry Analysts is well known for their wealth of data in our industry. During their luncheon session, Data Driven Insights on the Staffing Industry in a Time of Great Change we will have the opportunity to learn how our industry is transforming so that we can better position ourselves with our clients.  In addition, they will provide a walk away booklet containing industry and hiring data that can be valuable internally as well as to our clients.  

Growth through Mergers and Acquisitions

In our projections, we may overlook the potential for mergers and acquisitions as a path to growth.  We will have a round table session that describes how to grow in this manner, what to expect along the way and what you need to do to start the process.

Legislative Update and Cannabis Legislation – What we Need to Know Come January 1st

Each year, at our retreat we receive a state of California legislative update of new and potential legislation that may affect our businesses.  In addition, this year, we will hold a special round table session concerning Cannabis legislation with the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers in how to address the January 1st legislative changes and appropriate language we can use in our handbooks concerning this topic.

The 7 most Common Insurance Exclusions

Did you know that there are a variety of exclusions in most business related standard insurance policies if you are considered a staffing or recruiting services firm? Third Party Cyber Crime is one of them!  We will discuss the 7 most common insurance exclusions for our industry and potential solutions to ensure our coverage/protection.

AIRS Essentials – Out of Box Ideas that Give You a Cutting-Edge Advantage

In our current marketplace, finding top talent has gotten a great deal more difficult. Improve you and your team’s odds by learning how to extract relevant candidate information from the internet with the best tools available for your sourcing arsenal. Our session will cover unusual but effective sourcing channels to find and communicate with great candidates, examine the latest cutting edge tools and technology available for recruiters, the hottest social media management tools and the newest websites available for locating top passive talent.

Best Strategies for an Optimal Online Presence

Technology changes at an exponential rate each year and with those changes, we need to be vigilant in ensuring that we stay visible and well received by our desired online audience.  From our websites, to social media and beyond, learn best strategies for the best online presence possible. 

Consider Offshore Partnerships

There are a variety of ways to utilize offshore resources to accomplish your business goals.  From sourcing or recruiting candidates for your company to building a revenue split model to benefit from accounts that you might not otherwise consider.  Sit in on our round table session, Get on the Boat and Partner Offshore to hear the many forms that partnering offshore can take and walk away with possibilities you may not have previously considered to increase your revenue and lower your costs.   

Non-Stop Networking Opportunities

Some of our best business ideas come from candid conversations with our peers.  Owners only Retreat gives you abundant abilities to meet and get to know many other firm owners.  We start the retreat with our Wild Wild West Adventure Tour which includes a tour of Virginia City, a train ride, wine tasting and luncheon then back at the hotel are invited to attend our welcome reception.  In the 2 days that follow, we will host a slot tournament, two luncheon sessions and 4 round table sessions where you and other attendees and speakers can meet, greet and exchange thoughts, ideas and business cards.

Venue – The Amazing Atlantis Casino Resort Spa

The Atlantis Casino Resort Spa is a 4 Diamond Award winning resort and has much to offer including many highly-rated restaurants, an award-winning spa, and free and easy transportation to and from the Reno, NV airport which is located within 5 minutes of the Atlantis.  Pricing for our group is at the amazing rate of only $129.00 per night!

The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.   We hope that you’ll choose to join us at California Staffing Professionals’ Owners Only Retreat October 5th – 7th for an opportunity to learn that can lead to unlimited possibilities.  For more information or to sign up to the event, please visit our website atwww.cspnet.org .  Rosanna Hayden - Owner Only Retreat Chair – California Staffing Professionals


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