12 Time & Attendance alerts & Scheduling tools: Specific and in real time to the Staffing & Recruiting industry

  By Lynn Connor  |    Wednesday September 30, 2020

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If you manage a staffing company, you know that no two clients are the same. Some customers want to be heavily involved in the time tracking process, monitoring every punch in and punch out. But other clients may only be interested in approving your employees’ final time sheets. Having a cloud based time and attendance system with flexible configurations can help you serve all types of clients-because one size doesn’t fit all.

The staffing industry (with an hourly workforce) has been forced to adapt to unprecedented challenges.  With home office Recruiters, tele-interviews, and limited in-person client meetings, remote hiring tools are essential. 

Regardless of your industry – everyone is facing ongoing challenges. Luckily, workforce management obstacles have much simpler solutions. Real time alerts and scheduling technology help solve problems proactively to control labor costs on a regular, consistent basis.  

Real Time Alerts

Think of real time alerts as your instantaneous defense mechanism against the labor issues regularly hurting your operation. There are many email or text alerts to choose from, which can be set up from within your workforce management system. These are very applicable and useful to the staffing industry.  You can choose to be notified when:

An employee is about to reach overtime

A worker has failed to clock in as scheduled

There aren’t enough workers at a worksite or operational line

A job site is about to go over budget

A worker reports an accident during their clock-out (check out safe workday attestation questions!)

An employee misses a meal break

With real time alerts, your team can focus on your day-to-day client and employee needs, which all impact your bottom line. Your business will be safe from unnecessary setbacks because you’ll be aware of potential issues long before they happen, making you a valuable HR partner to each of your clients.  

Real Time Scheduling

Scheduling is critical in the staffing industry - for your employees, clients and the resulting success of your operation. The last thing anyone needs is last-minute scheduling mishaps.

To maintain full worksite activity, advanced scheduling capabilities keep understaffed lines flowing with the proper number of available workers. With the variety of clients you serve and their differing hiring requirements, there’s a need to be able to schedule by qualification and proximity.  Match employee qualifications and job requirements to ensure properly qualified people are always where they’re needed.

Additionally, your workforce management software also manages these scheduling needs:

Open shift bidding - Allowing managers to post open shifts (either via an online portal or on the time clocks themselves), so eligible workers can volunteer to fill them.

Scheduling automated meal breaks - Meal breaks are notoriously difficult to comply with – this simplifies things for you and your employees.

The ability to automatically split schedules for employees who work multiple tasks or shifts.

Warnings for when a proposed schedule will result in overtime so you can revise schedules that limit overtime costs.


EPAY Helps You Manage with Certainty

At EPAY, we’ve made the staffing industry’s hourly workforce management challenges our software’s primary target. That includes complex scheduling challenges and maintaining labor costs. Build out schedules, copy and extend various assignments… and make all the changes you need as they arise. Get a demo of our scheduling and alerts today!

Integrated with EPAY, COATS Staffing Software

Your customers want a staffing company that doesn’t promise great results, but one that has smart controls in place to ensure it delivers.  One of the best, overlooked and yet critical control is a time and attendance system that works the way your staffing company’s associates do.  More traditional systems don’t.  EPAY Systems is integrated with COATS because it was specifically designed for your industry, staffing.  Contact COATS Staffing Software today for quick, simple details or a demo of our EPAY integration, today.



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