3 Steps to Power your Brand with Engaged Employees

  By Lynn Connor  |    Friday October 26, 2019

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Where do you feel the greatest sense of professional belonging?  Through the years, it’s been known that men in particular often define their self-worth almost solely through their ability to provide for their family, which ties directly to their job.  In 2019, the company they work for contributes the most to their sense of self-respect and esteem.   

A 2019 global talent trend study noted that the majority of people surveyed feel the greatest sense of professional belonging, to their company, in particular.  This was followed by their profession, a function (as in what they do), the industry they work in, their department, co-workers, clients and lastly their manager.  

Many employees now wear their company brand like a badge of honor.  Employee pride is becoming a business strategy as more employees share their work on Linked-In, their resume, Facebook, and Twitter.  You will find employees being proud of their company’s latest achievements as they blend work and personal identity.  Is your company and workplace culture growing your brand?

Companies who are aware of employee pride taking place in their business are focusing on the fact that their firm is “not only a great place to be, but also to be from.”  Taking on more responsibility for societal issues, the percent of  executives who understand the impact this has on their firm, doubled since 2018.  They also realize that the “power of the collective voice can amplify their brand” and because employees have the largest sense of belonging to their company, they are willing participants.  

Employees who are engaged, believe in their company and feel like they are part of the company culture, will create value for your brand through hard work and productivity.  Does your firm have brand ambassadors working for your organization, do your employees represent your firm?  A brand ambassador is typically a paid celebrity, or person, who promotes a firm’s products or services.  An employee brand ambassador speaks positively about your company and showcases your business in a passive manner.  

When you operate your company as a great place to be from, your brand ambassadors represent your firm, without additional marketing cost.  Approach branding from the inside out, and your marketing and public relations campaign is not only authentic and real, it’s also free.  

In making a decision on a product or service to buy, would you trust a celebrity endorsement or employee or friend more?  Nielsen’s trust in advertising survey touts that 92% of consumers are more inclined to trust brand information when its ‘earned media’ and comes from a peer or employee.  

Most businesses do not think about their employees as a source for marketing their company.  Yet, who understands your firm and how your service operates best?  Your employees know exactly what goes into achieving client satisfaction.  They know how to make your applicants, employees and clients happy. They know how your firm stands out in your industry and against all of your competitors.  

Create your own employee ambassador program in three steps.  It doesn’t have to be overcomplicated.  Design, educate and measure.  

Research best practices for a brand ambassador program in the staffing industry.  Look at programs for different firms that work and don’t work.  Create some content to share weekly to make it easy for employees that can include videos, memes, company statistics, goals reached, and relative news.  Establish a unique program where followers are interested to review and post their experience.

Let interested and engaged employees know the benefits to being a brand ambassador and the impact they can have on the company.  Employees can ‘become a respected brand expert and enrich their career history.’  Train interested employees on basic guidelines and make it more interesting with employee competitions, engaging videos, company swag and posters.  

Before starting your employee brand ambassador program, ensure you measure your current audience reach and engagement to compare before and after the program begins.  You can monitor what employees are saying by having the same hashtag used and can also reward the most persuasive and consistent employees in this manner.  Decide on your measurement intervals based on your company and goals.  Every few months for a year or two is a good example, as your program needs time to prove its value.  

Social media posts by your employees can garner eight times more engagement than if the same post was shared through your company brand post.  And, most employees’ social media networks are at least ten times larger than their company brand handle.   

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