4 Tips to Streamline Your Workday & Become More Productive by Chris Dardis

  By Anonymous  |    Monday December 8, 2015

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Have you ever had a tough time gaining traction in your job? Things continually not going your way? Do you leave work feeling like you aren’t accomplishing enough? At times, everyone feels unfocused or struggles with managing their time properly. The next time you find yourself in that mindset, use these easy tips to help gain more traction in your job.

Identify the base-level actions that need to happen everyday.

We are often tasked with multiple responsibilities within our roles. It’s important to honestly identify the highest-priority tasks. Completing these tasks will help you feel successful about your day and help your superiors view you as a valued and successful employee. If you are in sales, it might be reaching out to clients. In finance? It might be completing financial statements. If you’re in HR, it could be rolling out strategy/policy or having courageous conversations you’ve been putting off. Regardless of what it is, make it your goal to honestly identify these activities every day.

Be honest about the “noise” and plan.

Sometimes I find myself working on projects that won’t help me accomplish my core job duties.  Although I may view these projects as important, they aren’t allowing me to focus on what NEEDS to get done. Delegation is a wonderful thing – and I believe it goes underused in the professional space. If you are working on tasks that aren’t going to help you be successful, simply stop doing them. Delegate them to someone who views the project as stretch assignment that can help them get better. Remember the quote, “If I’m doing something someone else can do, then I’m not doing what I should be doing.” Now write down those base level actions on a piece of paper and be honest. You’ll be surprised how list-making can reduce anxiety.

Protect your time.

We all have meetings and busy calendars. Sometimes it feels like calendars run our lives. Instead of filling your calendar to the brim, use it to protect your time. Block off as much time as you need each day to focus on your base level actions.

Focus and execute. 

Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by “noise” around you.  Do whatever you can to remove distraction. Close your email, close your door, turn off your phone. Focus on your list and execute. You’ll leave the office everyday feeling like you’ve accomplish a lot.

What helps you buckle down and accomplish the big things in your work life?

Chris Dardis is the VP of HR Recruiting at Versique Executive Search and Consulting.He has more than 10 years of recruiting and consulting experience, and can be reached at chrisdardis@versique.com.



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