5 Benefits of using staffing software to grow your agency

  By Lynn Connor  |    Wednesday July 13, 2022

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 Staffing software for your recruitment firm isn’t just a “nice-to-have.” It’s an imperative. These essential tools allow you to manage every step of the recruitment process end-to-end. It’s about a lot more than managing large volumes of data (although these systems do that, too). The best staffing software solutions automatically capture every interaction and data point, categorize and store them, and help you analyze them in order to make better business decisions. 

Do some research on the variety of recruitment management software options out there, and you’ll quickly be overwhelmed. You might not even know precisely what you need yet, so choosing a software solution can be doubly difficult. That’s why partnering with a recruiting software company that understands the technology and the world of staffing and recruiting is such a good idea.

Let’s examine how a recruiting software company benefits your staffing agency and what to look for when choosing software solutions for your business. 

How does a Recruiting Software Company provide benefits to a Staffing Agency?

When you connect with a recruiting software company, they can provide you with the exact technology and tools you need to improve your staffing agency. The right staffing software solution in place offers a wide variety of benefits, including: 


Manage a Large Team of Candidates

One of the great things about staffing software is that it organizes, categorizes, and stores a large volume of data. Your large candidate pool can be effectively organized into one master system, making things far easier on your recruiters. Rather than manually inputting or searching for certain data or candidates, the proper staffing software tools makes that process almost instantaneous. You gain quick access to insights on your candidates and applicants, allowing for lightning-fast decision making. 

Speed and Efficiency in the Recruiting Process

Speaking of lightning fast... recruiting software speeds up the entire recruiting process by saving a lot of time. The time taken to manually fill out paperwork and forms, not to mention storing and categorizing that information, is sped up by software. Communication time is also sped up, whether you’re communicating with your own team or with candidates. Automate things like response emails (more on that later) to save even more time and increase efficiency at your organization, too. 

24/7 Availability

Another benefit of using staffing software is that it’s available 24/7. Traditional recruiting processes are typically performed during work hours (unless your recruiters stay late). Recruitment software can be accessed and used at any time of the day, from almost anywhere—recruiters can access the software on their mobile devices, tablets, or laptops. This allows for fast response times no matter what. And by using software that integrates with your social media platforms, you can expand the reach of your job ads ten-fold, perhaps even globally, because it won’t matter what time an applicant is looking at your posts and sending in their documents. 

Find Better Candidates

Rather than wasting time with non-starter candidates, recruitment software lets you find better candidates the first time. This kind of technology gives you an advanced set of tools to tailor recruitment searches, create better job descriptions, and find the exact candidate you’re looking for without sifting through hundreds of applicants. That means time saved, fewer wasted resources, and less hassle throughout the whole process.

Add Automation to the Recruitment Process

A thread that runs through most of the benefits of staffing software solutions is the ability to automate many processes. You can schedule emails or texts to go out to candidates, automate interview scheduling or post-onboarding check-ins, and much more. Doing all of this manually takes up a huge amount of time for your recruitment team, so automating as many processes as you can – without losing the personal touch – is a great benefit of this kind of technology.

COATS Staffing Software takes automation a step further. Our software lets you create job openings and then have them automatically posted to social media sites and job boards like Indeed and Simply Hired. It also allows candidates to enter their contact information and work history into the system, making it easy for recruiters to find the most qualified candidates. And throughout the recruitment process, your recruiters will be able to send text messages to candidates to facilitate immediate contact, allowing your team to quickly and efficiently fill open job orders.

What Should My Company Look for When Choosing a Staffing Software Solution?

 We’ve learned about the benefits of using staffing software solutions at your recruiting firm, and how partnering with a recruitment software company helps you take advantage of those benefits. So, what should you be looking for when choosing staffing software?

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when partnering with a recruiting software company:

How is the software streamlining the current recruiting process? 

The point of recruiting software is to improve, simplify, and streamline the recruitment process. The first thing to ask is whether or not the software will make things easier or harder. Bringing this technology to bear should allow you to centralize your data for easy management and access, as well as provide candidates with an easy way to apply to openings. 

Also consider whether the software will facilitate better communication internally and between recruiters, existing candidates, and prospective applicants. Fostering more communication and simplifying things for recruiters and job seekers alike is the ultimate goal. 

Will the staffing software enhance the candidate experience? 

It’s been proven time and time again that fostering a better candidate experience leads to higher-caliber candidates, not to mention better retention rates and satisfaction for your clients. The best staffing software solution will enhance the candidate experience. They do that by providing a user-friendly platform for candidates to apply and to communicate with recruiters. For a candidate, there’s nothing worse than applying into a black hole, never to hear anything back. The right staffing software solution stays in touch with applicants, improving engagement and the candidate experience on the whole. 

Does the software integrate with other recruiting systems and technologies? 

Your recruiting software needs to seamlessly integrate with other business platforms, including your website, social media accounts, and other staffing software. If it doesn’t, you’re not saving very much time because you’ll be bouncing back and forth between multiple platforms to update information, post jobs, respond to candidates, and more. But when your staffing software integrates with other channels you commonly use, you’re making things as efficient and effective as possible. 

Does the software provide a smooth transition into the future as business grows? 

Don't think of a staffing software solution as a short-term problem-solver. On the contrary, these systems are designed to be used in the long term by being flexible enough to accommodate unforeseen circumstances and changes down the road. The ability to customize this software and the smooth integration it offers with a variety of other systems and technologies means you can accommodate whatever needs you may have in the future. 

Choosing the Right Fit for Your Staffing Company

Why partner with a recruitment software company to find the staffing software you need? It makes it easier to find the right technology at the right price. And because staffing software provides benefits like managing a large candidate pool, increasing speed and efficiency, offering 24/7 availability, the capacity to find better candidates, and the power of automation throughout the recruiting process, adopting it at your staffing firm is truly a no-brainer. 

Implementing any kind of new technology is always a big decision for your company, and not one to be taken lightly. Something as powerful as recruitment software can make a huge difference in your team’s effectiveness, communication, and happiness – not to mention your candidates’ experience with your company. That’s why making all of the considerations possible before making a final call on the right staffing software is so important. 

Partnering with COATS means you’re gaining a staffing software partner who puts your business needs first. Our technology provides multiple levels of automation to make things easier on your recruitment team, and it helps to streamline and simplify a variety of tasks and procedures throughout the recruitment process. 

Ready to get started? Reach out to one of our representatives today for a demo!

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