5 Best Practices for Independent Recruiters Using Facebook by Dave Nerz

  By Anonymous  |    Monday June 11, 2013

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Facebook, Facebook, Facebook! Even with a flawed IPO, Facebook is still a topic of conversation and debate. If you are an independent recruiter who thinks Facebook is a fad that will go away soon, my guess is that you are also big into rotary dial phones and typewritten letters. Although the peak of popularity will at some point crest, it seems that Facebook will be with us for the foreseeable future. So as an independent recruiter, perhaps with the aspiration of becoming a global recruiter, how are you using Facebook in your recruitment process?

Add Valuable Content

Post content that job seekers would find useful

Include a visual, we all like pictures and charts

Consider video where appropriate, it is the hot new way to make a point!

Make Facebook a Habit/Systemize 

Connect to other applications to auto feed birthdays or milestone events

Do it on the same day every week

Promote Your Facebook Presence

Promote on items that candidates will see…every email, business cards, job postings, website, letterhead, and any other place you put your name

Advertise where candidates gather.  Even your reception area should be an advertisement for your business and your social media points of connection.  The use of Facebook can enhance your status in a global recruitment marketplace.

Tell and Ask

Tell everyone that your recruiting organization is on Facebook

Ask if they are on Facebook

Ask employees, candidates, clients and suppliers to “Like” your site

Engage in the Conversation

Reply to others’ comments and posts; no one likes to be ignored

Insist that your staff engage in the conversation too; people get tired of the same voice all the time; allow them time and access to do this

Resist the temptation to “auto-publish” your Facebook content to LinkedIn and Twitter. While it’s easy and convenient for you, the audiences are different and expect different types of messaging.

Facebook is here to stay and for independent recruiters to compete in a global recruitment marketplace every opportunity to promote your recruiting organization must be leveraged. Keep it simple, make it routine and your Facebook presence will become easy to maintain.

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