5 Hidden Benefits of Using a Remarkable Staffing Company

  By Lynn Connor  |    Tuesday December 8, 2020

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 Does your company hire all day, every day?

It’s highly unlikely.  How many businesses do you know that recruit and interview employees all day, every day?  Some staffing and recruiting firms interview and hire each and every single day, giving many players in this industry the advantage of having their finger on the pulse of your workforce.  This is key and the first unspoken benefit of using a staffing firm that provides value. 

Finding qualified talent remains challenging for many small companies and larger ones as well.  With every passing year, the job market changes and the hiring process gets more detailed.  And if you haven’t advertised online or reviewed resumes for a while, it can take a few weeks to get a recruiting momentum going again.  

Creating a job posting, reviewing resumes and applications, interviewing candidates, conducting reference and background checks, testing and making job offers takes an incredible amount of time.  Heck, I’ve spent a while just gathering, formatting and submitting our health insurance plans as requested by a prospective hire.  That's why so many employers partner with staffing agencies.  They are able to serve as an extension of their Human Resource department and outsource the hiring process.  

Great talent becomes harder to find, and it becomes extremely time-consuming for managers to review résumés and conduct interviews, all while still being responsible for their day-to-day operations, said Matthew Rowles, business development manager at staffing company Kavaliro.  “Turning to a trusted staffing partner can save time and money. A staffing firm can pre screen and qualify candidates to ensure the manager is always interviewing candidates that are a fit for the role."


How does your staffing firm treat their employees?

 Another benefit of using a high caliber staffing company is that many firms have an incredible relationship with the associates working for them.  Many employees work for a staffing agency for years, either with one client long term or they enjoy the variety and flexibility of working for multiple clients with various assignment lengths.  This relationship is invaluable to a staffing firm’s clients.  Sharing the reliability and proven skill sets of employees who have made countless clients happy, is a win-win for everyone.  

Having top-notch, tried and true temporary associates results from a skilled recruiter offering many roles that are a great fit for both the client and employee.  These are the candidates that a staffing company employs and has access to that clients can’t reach on their own.  These are the temporary employees who typically become excellent permanent additions to your staff.


Can your staffing vendor provide feedback from the employees they assigned to work at your firm?   

Third, the relationship between a staffing firm and client is paramount to success.  A good client clearly defines their open roles and continually communicates and provides feedback to their staffing firm.  Not only about their open positions, but on each interview held and employee started.  Quality staffing companies want to help you find the best workers for your organization, and they won't be able to do that if you don't communicate clearly and thoroughly about your company, your position, and the type of person you want for the job. A good staffing firm has in-depth knowledge of not only the job description for each role, but has visited your firm in person and understands your workplace setting and organizational culture, mission and core values. But even more importantly, if your staffing firm has a good enough relationship with you that they trust they can consistently share feedback received from employees assigned to work at your firm, you are golden.  


How many employees do you need next year?

Fourth, long term goals.  Does your staffing agency know your personnel needs a few months from now or next year?  Even if your staffing firm is currently supplying employees on short-term assignments, it doesn’t mean you won’t need workers without full-time potential at some point.  Clients and staffing firms paying attention to long-term interests is not only smart, but profitable.  

Amy White of Snagajob, outlined the major types of roles that staffing agencies help companies fill: temporary (an assignment with a set start and end date), temp to hire (an assignment that's initially temporary, but is used to help an employer determine the temp worker's long-term fit with the company) and direct hire (a permanent position in which the staffing agency acts as a recruiter).

Most firms will use at least 2 out of 3 job fills from a staffing provider that understands their business and employment needs.  

Are you using an expert Recruiter working in your specific industry? 
Lastly, a hidden benefit of a good staffing company is that your partner understands your specific industry.  There is a huge difference between hiring Electro-Mechanical Technicians and Accountants. A good Recruiter is best when they not only truly understand your industry, but consistently hire for the industry you’re in.  

If you are using a primarily industrial staffing company, they are hiring each and every day for warehouse, manufacturing, labor, janitorial and light industrial positions.  If you’re looking to fill the role of an Accountant, it’s going to take a while. And, what will be the quality of this search? This firm’s talent pool consists of industrial employees who have been interviewed and vetted, so they will need to advertise for an Accountant and from there will have to complete the entire hiring process before being able to share a potential candidate.  

Additionally, some positions require professional liability (errors & omissions) insurance which covers exposures that are not typical under your general liability policy.  E&O covers mistakes that cause financial harm such as negligence, misrepresentation and inaccurate advice. An Accountant requires E&O coverage. Will your industrial staffing provider be aware of this?  

Jason Leverant, COO of the AtWork Group said, “Before you can find quality employees, you have to choose a staffing firm that's right for your business. Make sure you're working with a reputable firm that takes pride in the employees it sends.”  This includes starting with the basics such as employees having proper credentials verified, reference checks conducted and the firm carries proper insurance such as general liability and workers' compensation insurance.

Spend time to research various staffing firms before you give them your business.  Sit down with them and ensure they can bring value and will be worth the investment. Provide them with a role or two and gauge their success. Staffing firms are only as good as the employees they represent and people are human, so give them a chance, but ensure their permanent staff and ownership is trustworthy, ethical and responsive.

COATS Staffing Software serves many high caliber staffing firms across the nation who interview candidates every day, so their customers don’t have to.  COATS enables our clients to keep the pulse on their client’s workforce by streamlining operations with our recruitment management software.  And, if you’re seeking a remarkable staffing firm to serve your company, give COATS a call for a recommendation.  

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