5 Tips to Conquer Cold Calling Fear and Decision-Making Paralysis By Patricia Conlin

  By Anonymous  |    Thursday September 11, 2015

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Do you suffer from cold calling fear or decision-making paralysis at times in your work as a recruiter?

Even the most confident recruiters can sometimes encounter an area where they get stuck and can’t figure out the best decision to make to move forward or let their fears rule.

I’m a black belt martial artist, but I still experience real fear to be in new situations like the rest of us on a regular basis.  Recently, I was running through a forest trail that I find particularly peaceful and rejuvenating.  Deep in the woods, I spotted a large coyote looking at me with large fangs about 30 feet away.

My primitive survival instincts kicked in, although most coyotes are not generally a threat alone.  I reached for a large stick and screamed loudly for a few minutes as I slowly walked up the hill I was on to gain the higher ground.  Later on, it dawned on me that I was doing all these things instinctively without going through an elaborate decision-making process.

But what about all of the small, nagging decisions or even large work or life decisions that we can put off indefinitely with a range of clever excuses to fool ourselves or others because we are afraid of failure or change.  Getting unstuck and making decisions in any problem areas of our life can be incredibly exhilarating and create more passion in our work and lives, regardless of the initial outcome.

Inevitably, some of our decisions will not turn out the way we expected, but regardless of “success” or “failure,” taking action in an area of discontent will lead to eventual success and higher billings as a recruiter!

Whether you’re afraid to call on C-level clients, ask for more retainers, grow your recruitment firm, or narrow down your niche, here are some great tips to overcome cold calling fear and decision-making paralysis so you can take action for a better and more successful future and billings:


1. Accept your fear.

It’s easy to ignore or deny our fears, but the most courageous warriors admit to fear and the key is to face it and then work to overcome it.  By owning your feelings, you’ve taken the first step toward gaining control over the situation.


2. Probe deeper.

Ask yourself probing questions as to why your fear is stopping you from taking action in an area of your life.  Try to learn the origin of your fear to better understand why it has a control over your ability to make a decision.  What triggers your fear?  How does your fear affect you physically, mentally, and emotionally?  Think of the worst-case scenario if you take action to overcome your fear and it backfires.  Can you live with that?  Now think of the consequences of NOT taking action.  Can you live with that?


3. Imagine a positive outcome.

Now that you accept and understand your fear better, think about what exactly you want to change and why from an objective standpoint.  What do you have to gain by making a positive change?  Write down the desired outcomes and then spend time to visualize the positive action that will lead you to where you want to go with success.


4. Keep the momentum going.

It takes a certain amount of momentum to deal with fear.  When you’re faced with setbacks, it can be tempting to decide to give up.  Write down concrete action steps that will start the process of change.  For example, you could research 10 new companies that are of interest and write your script to contact the CIO for an introduction or you could post a job description to hire new staff if you want to grow your revenues.  You already have your big goal set, and now it’s important to set smaller concrete goals to help you get there.


5. Resist the temptation to “leave it up to fate.”

Don’t let other people hold you back.  Take action even when you are scared.  Sometimes, you just have to take a big jump into the unknown.  No matter how much research you do to prepare for a change, there will always be some areas where the mystery will remain until you take the plunge and commit to the new experience, client, relationship etc.

In order to feel the exhilaration of being fully engaged in our work and life, we need to take some risks.  When we aim for new skills, better job orders, or new beginnings in any area, we take bold steps to be a better leader and wiser person.

With thoughtful, persistent effort, the wind will blow our sails to the new promised land.  When we get comfortable with getting “uncomfortable,” we grow as human beings and start to conquer our fears easily!

Patricia Conlin, is a successful business owner, recruiter, and coach for health and success.  She’s built a respected recruitment firm and uses over 20 years of success strategies in her coaching of individuals and teams.  A passion for health and personal development led her to international public speaking and coaching, where she helps others achieve their highest potential.  Conlin is a registered nutritionist, black belt martial artist, and a Certified Emotional Intelligence (EI) Coach.  She is also the author of ABCs of Food: Boost Your Energy, Confidence, and Success with the Power of Nutrition.  Visit Conlin’s website, ABCs Health 2 Success, where you can download a free excerpt of her book on happiness, sign up for health and success tips, and see what programs may boost your energy and confidence and build winning client relationships.


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