5 Tips to Save Yourself from a Train Wreck at work By Patricia Conlin

  By Anonymous  |    Tuesday October 28, 2015

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Things have fallen off the rails at work lately…Now what do you do?

 Have you ever felt like everything is going wrong with a project or client despite your best efforts. Like fate is conspiring against you and only you. While others move effortlessly from one success to another, you face countless setbacks and your Midas touch has vanished mysteriously.  Maybe when you hear the cliché “think positive” you want to scream. How the heck can I think my way out of a mess everywhere you wonder. And part of you just wants to rage against the injustice of your miserable luck as of late.

Well, guess what? This situation can happen to the best of us in sales, management or any position where being able to generate revenue or influence bottom-line sales results is a significant portion of your job. Managing your emotions and attitude while you ride the roller coaster is key to long-term success. 

Believe it or not, you can wrestle with your own internal demons and get out of a work slump more quickly just by thinking differently. Work to think more positively. See the negative situation and CHOOSE a more positive response and attitude to deal with it.  For some of us when the inevitable odd train wreck hits, we spiral out of control. Some reach for food, others alcohol or others spend excessive amounts money for comfort. Then the spiral continues downward and roller coaster ride deeper. 

Even though I love real roller-coasters, I know and have felt the consequences of letting the rough patches get to me. As a recruiter, I have had some exceptional years and some not so exceptional months and have worked to minimize the impact of times when performance is not what I want with conscious effort to keep my production high. 

Recruiters and Business professionals need to change the way they think (this takes practice and commitment) to get back to better results more quickly because the shifts can last a lifetime when they turn into success habits.  

Here are some tips to help you get back on top of your game when your numbers are not as high as you would like or your performance has slumped:

1.      Catch your negative thoughts and question them. For example if your numbers are off lately, look at your overall performance over the past quarter or year. Was that off too? If it was, then objectively look at reasons as to why you were not a top performer. Are you working with difficult clients that are sucking your time, is your energy put into areas that are not returning for you, is your confidence down, are you dealing with a personal disappointment etc. Once you can identify some of the root causes, you can make an action plan with a coach or on your own to create positive change. Start by creating possibility in your vocabulary and remembering that your self-worth is not connected to your recent results. A great book to read if you tend to have too many negative thoughts is called “Mind over Mood: Change the way your feel by changing the way you think”.

2.      Change it up- Look at the way you are approaching your work and shake it up. Sometimes we get stuck in comfortable ruts in our work that take the fun out of what we do and turn it into a daily grind instead. If this sounds like you then try something new. Go to a conference, sign up for a course, change the way you communicate to clients by practicing better listening and questioning skills, create new experiences both at work and at home to nurture a growth mindset and even consider booking a holiday or break to look forward to as a reward for future success.

3.      Recharge your energy-  So many of us forget to create healthy habits to maintain high levels of energy. Simply paying more attention to your health and eating better (food has a powerful effect on energy and performance), moving and getting more sleep will improve your mood naturally, helping you get out of a slump.  

4.      Visualize Success- Visualization is powerful. The brain cannot differentiate between a picture you create in your imagination and reality and if the picture is pleasurable i.e. a successful outcome, it will work to get you there. Practice visualization daily and dream of how the success will look, feel and even colors to make it as real as possible.

5.      Laugh- Believe it or not, laughing at your misfortune is one of the best ways to get back on top. Laughter cuts the stress response, reminds us that we are human after all and puts us in a positive state that will allow for more success. When things go wrong our stress levels increase and we become more agitated. When we are stressed we tend to overreact to situations and that can lose us deals. Remember that 97% of executives believe people with a sense of humor are more productive so find funny movies, books or people to associate yourself with to get back on top. Even simply taking time to breathe deeply each day for 1 minute will help to stop the stress response from sabotaging your efforts.

My work in recruitment is incredibly meaningful to me. I am grateful for the great clients and candidates I am able to work with to improve companies and lives. I enjoy the freedom my work gives me, allowing me to spend more time with my children. For all of you who hit a period of sagging results, tap into what gives meaning to you in the work you do and build off that each day until you turn the corner back to success!

“Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity.” 

~ Joseph Sugarman


Patricia Conlin is a successful Business Owner, Recruiter and Coach for Health and Success.  She built a respected recruitment firm and uses over 20 years of success strategies in her coaching of individuals and teams. Patricia is a Registered Nutritionist, Black Belt Martial Artist and is in the process of becoming a Certified Emotional Intelligence (EI) Trainer. She has written a book called the “ABCs of Food: Boost Your Energy, Confidence and Success with the Power of Nutrition”. (Amazon book reviews) A passion for health and personal development led to international public speaking and coaching, where she helps others achieve their highest potential. What can do for you or your team’s productivity?  Visit Patricia’s website ABCs Health 2 Success  where you can download a free excerpt of her book on Happiness, sign-up for health & success tips or see what programs may boost your energy, confidence and build energy, confidence and build winning client relationships.

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