6 Signs you may need a new Recruitment Staffing Software

  By Lynn Connor  |    Thursday May 11, 2023

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If your staffing software is outdated, it will slow you down this year. That will be frustrating, especially at the beginning of a new year, which most of us approach with fresh goals and optimism for all the great things to come. 

An elderly ATS without the latest features or a customer relationship management (CRM) platform doing double duty for candidate data doesn’t offer the efficiencies of modern software for staffing agencies. You need the latest recruitment software solutions to keep your agency ahead of the competition. Here’s what new software explicitly designed for staffing agencies can do for your company, your recruiters—and your bottom line.

 Signs You Might Need a Recruitment Software Solutions Upgrade 

Justifying a software purchase because it’s the beginning of the new year may sound frivolous. But there are always signs that the current processes and software you’re using can be improved. In the case of your ATS, you might notice the following:

  • Your technology is outdated and no longer supports the firm’s needs.
  • Your technology is missing some of the latest features other recruiting firms have. 
  • Recruiters or candidates complain about the state of your current technology.
  • Your technology is difficult to use or customize, and you suspect there are redundant steps in your workflows and other inefficiencies that slow your recruiting team down.
  • Communication with and about candidates happens primarily through emails, spreadsheets, or meetings.
  • Your workload increased significantly last year, and you don’t know if your current software can handle the load. 

These or other signs point to a simple truth: You may need new software for your staffing agency.

If you have one or more of these symptoms, help lies in adopting an upgraded recruitment software solution. But what are the benefits of spending time and money on a new software platform? Could these benefits give you the ROI you need to stay competitive and productive in the tumultuous staffing field this year?

Benefits of Recruiting Software for Staffing Agencies 

Recruitment software solutions offer several benefits to a staffing agency, including:

  • Improve efficiency through automation
  • Fill jobs faster 
  • Better candidate quality
  • Decrease the cost of hiring

Software for Staffing Agencies Automates Repetitive Tasks for Improved Efficiency 

Recruiters spend too much time on mundane tasks. But recruitment software solutions can automate many of the manual, mundane, repetitive tasks involved in the recruiting process. Imagine letting the computer handle resume screening, candidate communications, and scheduling interviews. How much time would that kind of automation save your recruiting team?

Reducing manual work by automating tasks is just one way modern software for staffing agencies can help your business. A more efficient staffing software solution will also streamline many workflows that stop your recruiters from closing more candidates faster. These are some of the ways that today’s software for staffing agencies can help your bottom line.

Staffing Software Helps Recruiters Fill Jobs Faster 

Recruiting has always been a numbers game. What staffing agency doesn’t want to improve its processes and, ultimately, its profits? But what if your staffing software is slowing you down? The latest versions of this software can make recruiters more efficient in their efforts to source, screen, and hire candidates. With modern recruitment software solutions, your company can take advantage of the time savings associated with these tools. If new staffing software solutions can help you hire faster, isn’t it time to consider an upgrade?

Strengthen the Quality of Your Hires with Staffing Software 

Time to hire isn’t the only metric that will improve with better staffing agency software. The quality of your job candidates will also improve. Not only will you professionalize your screening process with better tools, you will also improve how you use data. 

As software for staffing agencies evolves, artificial intelligence (AI) has worked its way into powerful analytics that takes candidate data and makes it actionable. This data enables agencies to identify areas for improvement and make decisions based on the data, not on emotion or “how it’s always been done.”


Too, you’ll have better hires as your ability to collaborate improves. Staffing software solutions allow recruiters, hiring managers, and other stakeholders to collaborate and communicate more effectively. Candidate ranking systems in the applicant record ensure everyone is on the same page. Candidate testing and documentation can be entered directly into the system, as well, which is not only helpful for communication but also compliance. These features improve the overall recruitment process and keep things moving forward.

Use Staffing Software to Decrease Hiring Costs 

Automation allows recruiters to focus their efforts on more high-value tasks. That improves efficiency and cuts costs. Could this efficiency also cut down on how much time the recruiter spends on each hire? Instead of spending their time screening resumes and scheduling interviews, what if your recruiters engaged more with potential candidates and clients?

The latest staffing software solutions make it much easier for recruiters to stay organized and informed. Using today’s recruitment software solutions means that you will finally have a centralized platform for managing candidate data. You’ll have a “single source of truth” for tracking candidates as they make their way through your recruiting process. 

Software for staffing agencies helps these firms work smarter, not harder. That decreases costs and increases profits.

Software for staffing agencies helps these firms work smarter, not harder. That decreases costs and increases profits. 

Software for Staffing Agencies Improves the Candidate Experience 

Recruiting software solutions can improve the candidate experience in three fundamental ways:

  • Streamlined communication
  • Automated interview scheduling
  • Mobile-friendly application process

In a tight labor market, your efforts to improve the candidate experience will help you ultimately attract more applicants and build your brand. That’s why software for staffing agencies is the foundation for a better candidate experience. This software can automate candidate communications, so they aren’t left wondering what’s next in the application process. Self-serve scheduling features put the candidate back in control of the application process. Texting features allow recruiters to communicate on the platform that candidates prefer. Today’s recruitment software solutions can do all this and more.

It’s simple math. Improving your staffing software solutions means your agency will increase efficiency and profitability. That’s why upgrading your recruitment software solution can pay for itself.


What Should You Look for in Staffing Agency Software? 

When evaluating staffing agency software, there are several key factors to consider:

  • User-friendly dashboards that don’t require an engineer to customize.
    Today’s staffing software solutions should be relatively plug-and-play, with very little training needed. Why? Because these tools were created for ease of use for end users, this is a characteristic you don’t see in older ATS platforms. These features make it easy for recruiters to improve their efficiency quickly..
  • Automated processes for emails.
    The recruitment software solution you choose should offer plenty of automation features that are easy for your teams to use. This includes resume sourcing and screening by keywords, candidate communications, scheduling, and more.
  • Self-serve interview scheduling features that make it easy for candidates to progress through your process.
    The software should allow for an automated email to go to job candidates to invite them to schedule an interview. At a glance, they’ll see available interview spots and be able to take control of the application process by scheduling their next steps.
  • Advanced sourcing by keywords and through integrated job boards.
    Tagging candidates by skills and sourcing by keyword should be the bare minimum of your ATS. Newer platforms integrate these features with job boards, making it easy to post jobs, source candidates, and manage data.
  • Powerful but easy to use reporting and analytics.
    Staffing agencies live and die by the numbers. You need software that gives you the data to make better decisions affecting your bottom line. Look for a tool with detailed reporting and analytics on candidate sources, interview outcomes, and other essential metrics.
  • Integration with the tools you use every day.
    The last thing you need is a staffing software solution that doesn’t play well with the tools you use everyday. Look for software that integrates with calendars, emails, social media, texting, and other tools your recruiting teams use.
  • Security and privacy with an online tool upgraded at digital speeds.
    Online software for staffing agencies offer the benefit of being updated in real time. As new security threats emerge, your software platform should continually refresh, upgrading the tools behind the scenes that protect your valuable data.
  • Strong, responsive customer support.
    The training and support you receive from your staffing software solutions is critically important to end-user adoption. If you don’t feel confident up front that your new software vendor will take care of your team, how can you feel comfortable that the software itself will meet your goals?

Your staffing company may have other requirements that are important to your business. But these are some of the most common features that will ensure the software you choose is the right one for the job.

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