An Introduction to Mary B. Lucas, The Butcher's Daughter by Mary B. Lucas

  By Anonymous  |    Sunday December 5, 2016

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Although I am proud of my bachelor’s degree and will forever be loyal to my Alma Mater, ultimately, nothing can compare to the letters of distinction my father bestowed upon me: my “B.D.” degree, which stands for “Butcher’s Daughter.”

I earned my B.D. by spending hours seated across the butcher-block table in my mother’s kitchen—my classroom—listening to my father’s lessons about how to deal with life’s beginnings and endings and all the ups and downs in between. All were lessons I could apply to my own life, wisdom that helped me to be a successful executive as well as a more loving and committed wife and mother.

Thirty five years have passed since I was hired for my first “real” job as a staffing coordinator at a temporary help service. I found myself working in the ultimate “people business” and I really loved that it was so simple to explain what I did: I helped people find the work they wanted and companies find the people they wanted.

It was during this time that I got my first lessons as to “how to succeed in the people business” from my father, a butcher. His wisdom helped me climb the ladder to leadership success in a global staffing company with annual revenues close to a billion dollars. By all accounts, I have “made it.”

I credit my B.D. degree as the number one reason I have flourished in the people business and continue to thrive in an industry where many people grow tired of “people.” I made it by keeping myself motivated and, in turn, motivating others.

However, when you work in an industry that is solely reliant on people as their product, you have to work at getting re-inspired and re-motivated on a regular basis. Like many other executives, I drew from Stephen Covey and his book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and I revered the secrets Hyler Bracey reveals in his book, Managing from the Heart.

Oddly enough, I also found great support on difficult days from the simplicity of the messages in two children’s books: Move on Frog and Lily’s Purple Plastic Purse.

But more than anywhere else, I drew inspiration from my most cherished source, the lessons I learned from the time spent with my father. 

Throughout 2017, I'll be a steady presence in this newsletter as I share some of his wisdom with you.  You'll read some of my favorite stories from a book I wrote called "Lunchmeat & Life Lessons:  Sharing a Butcher's Wisdom."  Now in its tenth printing, it's common sense approach to life has impacted thousands of people around the world.  I am grateful for the chance to share it with you here. 

If you'd like to connect with me personally, I invite you to do so.  You can find and follow me via my website and social media links here (Live Link to  Until next month, thanks for reading.

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This is the first in a series of articles excerpted from the acclaimed memoir, "Lunchmeat & Life Lessons:  Sharing a Butcher's Wisdom," written by author and staffing industry leader Mary B. Lucas.  Each month, the EMInfo newsletter will present our subscribers with content from Mary's book, highlighting her valuable wit and wisdom.

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