Can you easily reach your job candidates?

  By Lynn Connor  |    Wednesday April 26, 2023

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Can you easily reach your job candidates? 


If you have trouble connecting with your job candidates, consider this:


Many of the applicants who apply to work with staffing agencies already have jobs and will not or cannot answer phone calls at work. They risk being reprimanded if their current employer discovers they are job hunting, so phone calls not only waste your recruiter’s time, but they rarely connect with their candidate in the first place. 


Texting is non-intrusive and allows candidates to respond in their own time.


Because of this, texting is a much better method of communication in the staffing industry for both parties. Texting is non-intrusive and allows candidates to respond in their own time. When messaging candidates, they almost always respond within a day or two. Because texting is so integral to how your office can reach out to job candidates, investing in texting software will scale your communication while offering texting from a single business number.

Thousands of associates and candidates can be reached through a texting platform. Typically, a handful of these contacts will be qualified for a specific role staffing agencies are looking to fill. 

Rather than having to reach out by phone to these candidates, simply send a mass text with information about the position. If any of the candidates are actually interested, they’ll then give us a call. Think about how much faster this process is than having to call each candidate individually.


Texting is significantly faster than phoning each candidate individually.


The recruitment process is continually evolving and being updated for efficiency. Texting is streamlining communication between recruiters and job candidates. Text messages initiate, facilitate, and complete different recruitment tasks, and studies show that people are much more likely to respond to a text message over emails or phone calls. 


Here are some of the benefits of using Text Request if you’re a staffing agency:


1. Fast communication: With Text Request, staffing agencies can send messages about job opportunities to job seekers in real-time. Job seekers can also respond to messages instantly, making the recruitment process faster and more efficient.


2. Personalization: Staffing agencies can use Text Request to personalize communication with job seekers. Recruiters can address job seekers by their names and communicate in a more conversational, informal tone, which can improve the overall experience.


3. Improved response rate: As noted above, Text Request has a higher response rate than email or phone calls. Candidates are more likely to reply to a text message than to an email or phone call, giving staffing agencies improved chances of reaching their target audience.


4. Easy tracking: Text Request allows staffing agencies to track messages and receive notifications when job seekers respond to them. This ensures that recruiters don’t miss important messages and can respond to job seekers promptly.


Incorporating Text Request into the recruitment process is an excellent way for staffing agencies that aim to enhance their recruitment effectiveness. By using this communication method, recruiters can improve response rates, personalize communication, track conversations, and ultimately connect more job seekers with the right job opportunities - FASTER! 

Integrated with COATS Staffing Software, Text Request is the business texting platform built to ignite customer engagement. Text Request is built to scale with you, whether you need to handle a few conversations by one person, millions of messages sent by thousands of employees, or specialized applications built using our API. 


Contact COATS Staffing Software or Text Request to book your VIP TOUR and have your questions answered by one of our experts. 

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