Changing your Game with Recruiting Analytics

  By Jon Bartos  |    Wednesday September 28, 2017

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“In God we Trust.  All others must bring Data!”W. Edward Deming

When I first got into the recruiting game, I wanted to fully understand how big billers got that way and how big offices got even bigger.  Since more than 95% of the Recruiting Firms in the world stay in the 1-4 desk size – growth is a big deal.  Even bigger if you have tried to grow your firm and continue to struggle.  The more I researched the superstar growth owners and super star producers – the more important the role of Data Analytics or Metrics became evident.

It all comes down to this.  Without a firm understanding of where you are, you will never really have a clue on how to get where you want to go.  When it comes to your desk or your firm,  most of the time – it’s not about making more calls or activity.

“Without Data, you are blind and deaf in the middle of a freeway.” Geoffrey Moore – author of Crossing the Chasm.

There are two ever so important things that Recruiting Data Analytics can do for you and your firm in the first 90 existences alone.

Understand Exactly Where you Are from Performance to Goal and Give you a Path to Achieve your Goals.

Knowing your exact location or your exact situation gives some a comfortable feeling.  Depending on where you are – many, not so much.  Recruiting Data Analytics does this by measuring three critical types of Metrics – Activities, Results and the Magic Ratios.


Activities tell us if we have done enough work volume in a particular area to achieve our goal.  Unfortunately most managers only manage by activities – which is why Recruiting Metrics and tracking data get a bad rap.  Activity is important, however the magic, the “AHA” moment and the money come from the Ratios.   Yes if we put more water through a 1 inch garden hose,  we can water more of our garden.  However most of us today – do not want to work longer and harder.  We want to do more with less.   Make more placements in less time.  That does not come from Activity Data.


The results tell us how we did?  Did we get a sendout?  We did make a placement?  What cash in did we have?   Results are simply the end of two things.  The activities we did – and how good we were at doing them.  Period.   The real Magic comes in the Ratios. 

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree, I will spend the first four hours sharpening the axe.”  Abraham Lincoln. 

Magic Ratios

The most beautiful, life changing and telling of all Analytics is in the Ratios.   They tell us – how good we are at doing what we do.  In Recruiting we can measure how good you are at planning, recruiting, marketing, matching skills, quality of your clients, the quality of your searches and all your batting averages.   The real beauty in knowing these ratios is then we can immediately change them.  With training and development of course – we can change them in as little as 30 minutes.   And here is how powerful Ratios are.    And please write this on your forehead so you see it every morning. 

Small Changes to your Magic Ratios = Huge Changes to your Billings! And many time it happens overnight. But you got to know what your ratios are.  Start using Recruiting Analytics today – and join the industries top managers and  billers.  

In 2008 I invented the RPM Dashboard – an online SAAS software tool that helped owners and big billers get there faster:  RPM Does this for you.

Helps Owners and Recruiters Set Yearly Goals

RPM Calculates your Weekly Activities needed. RPM shows you very graphical weekly trends, speedometers,  charts that show your progress to goal for individuals, teams and firms

It then shows you a weekly report card – on things you are doing well – but then what areas you need help with the RPM Dashboard giving you the missing link.   It gives you a roadmap to training and development by the industries top trainers and billers on how to improve that specific skill set. 

Top industry trainers like Mike Gionta require all of his coaching clients get on the RPM Dashboard.  We now have over 500 clients worldwide getting bigger and better every day by using it.   In the last 30 days, we released the New RPM Mobile Dashboard – allowing our clients to input data and use the metrics counter on their Android or Apple phones.

For a limited time – we are offering  EMINFO readers – a discount with no set up fee for their first year of using the new RPM Mobile Dashboard, RPM Monthly Webinar, the Maximus Big Biller Monthly Webinar and Individual Coaching.  Learn more by contacting


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