Cloud Computing - The Future of Your Staffing Office is Out of the Office

  By Tim Giehll  |    Wednesday August 30, 2012

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By Tim Giehll, CEO of Bond eEmpACT Software

Today’s business buzz is all about Cloud Computing. With rapid progress in the technology sector, there are new ways to enhance productivity, while cutting costs substantially for the long term. Plugging into the Cloud promises to eliminate the need for costly on-site servers, complex installed software, backup worries and disruptive and expensive upgrades.

Cloud Computing is currently the most sought-after technology for many industries – the staffing industry is no exception. And for good reason.

Cloud Computing Explained

Cloud computing is Internet-based computing where shared software, resources, and information are accessed on demand by your web browser and other web-enabled devices such as cell phones. Simply put, Cloud Computing is a way to have all the benefits of a secure physical infrastructure, with none of the massive costs involved in setting up and maintaining servers and software. Following are just a few of the benefits:

  • Cost savings - No hardware to buy. No servers to maintain. No IT staff to pay. No back-ups to worry about.
  • Device and location independence - Access software anytime, anywhere using a web browser.
  • Reliability - No more worrying about servers going down. For example, eEmpACT On Demand is accessed from a state-of-the-art facility with dual power generators, multiple Internet feeds, redundant cooling and world-class security.
  • Scalability - The ability to rapidly and inexpensively expand your business.
  • Maintenance - Upgrades are simple. With no software in your office – all updates are automatic.
  • Better cash flow - Cloud Computing options like eEmpACT On Demand are offered on an affordable monthly fee basis, which drastically reduces your upfront costs.

Few disagree that Cloud Computing is poised to make a big impact this decade. According to a survey by GlassHouse, a Framington, Mass., managed services consultancy, 60 out of 100 North American IT executives polled last December plan to implement Cloud technology in 2010.

Cloud Computing and the Staffing Industry

The staffing industry will find Cloud Computing especially useful due to the nature of the work involved. Whether you are meeting clients, managing branches, or interviewing potential candidates away from the office, both time and money can be saved with no loss of productivity or data.

Staffing firms “do not want to manage IT, they want to manage their business,” explains Simon Piff, a practice director for enterprise infrastructure at IDC, a global IT market researcher. Ultimately, Cloud Computing is expected to transform a staffing firm’s IT spending from a capital expenditure to an operating expense — from up-front lump sums to monthly pay-per-user. As Piff states, “cash flow is king for most organizations, plus the restrictions on credit” have forced companies to look for more cost-effective Cloud-based software solutions.

Staffing software solutions, such as eEmpACT On Demand, provide a single database for integrated front- and back-office operations utilizing the latest in Cloud Computing to streamline your workforce, regardless of size and financial level.

Cloud Computing solutions specifically designed for staffing allow:

  • Firms to sell, recruit, service and manage businesses more efficiently 24/7 from any location.
  • Sales reps to be better organized, more productive, and ensure consistent follow-up with potential clients.
  • Recruiters to be more responsive to clients, more accurate in candidate matching and leverages the Internet to reduce recruiting costs.
  •  Managers to better track performance metrics, hold employees more accountable, quickly open new branches and maximize branch productivity.
  • Owners to actively manage payables, general ledger and receivables, improve cash flow forecasts, accelerate financial intelligence and ensure operational excellence.

It’s clear why Cloud Computing is being embraced by companies of all sizes. Its advantages of speed, ease of deployment, and low cost make it a viable option for firms looking to improve their service without sacrificing quality.

The Staffing Office of the Future is Here

Thanks to the advent of web-based On-Demand applications that utilize the lower cost structure of Cloud Computing, combined with the much lower monthly billing of SaaS pricing, the world of software applications is about to make another dramatic change. As software environments have evolved from DOS to Client-Server to Hosted ASP to Web-based and now to SaaS-based Cloud Computing, prices are set to drop by 50% once again.

Cloud Computing is being hailed as the future of the mobile staffing office. What was unimaginable less than a decade ago is soon to be the standard. Taking this leap in technology today can ensure that your staffing firm moves with the technological times, enhancing employee productivity and saving money in the long run.

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