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Tim Giehll is a staffing industry veteran, technology visionary, and manufacturing expert of more than thirty years. He has served for more than a decade as U.S. CEO of Bond Talent & Bond eEmpACT software (a Bond International Software Company), where he has worked with hundreds of temporary staffing firms to automate their operations. In Human Capital Supply Chains, Tim has merged his technology and manufacturing insights to help usher in a new age of global Human Capital Management.


Cloud Computing - The Future of Your Staffing Office is Out of the Office

  By Tim Giehll  |    Thu Aug 30, 2012

Category: Automation

By Tim Giehll, CEO of Bond eEmpACT Software Today’s business buzz is all about Cloud Computing. With rapid progress in the technology sector, there are new ways to enhance productivity, while cutting costs substantially for the long term. Plugging into the Cloud promises to eliminate the need for...

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