Deep Fakes

  By Michael Neidle  |    Thursday January 11, 2024

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Deep fakes, a technology that uses artificial intelligence to create realistic-looking images, videos, and audio recordings, have become increasingly sophisticated and prevalent. They can be used for various purposes, ranging from entertainment to more serious applications like misinformation or identity theft. Here are some examples that have been used, as well as hypothetical scenarios where deep fakes could potentially be employed. Even experts have had difficulty telling what is real and what is not. This technology didn’t begin until 2017. Almost any technology can be used for good or for evil. Amazingly, only porn is illegal nationally, but for other purposes, in banned in only nine states as of now.

Real-World Examples of Deep Fakes

  1. Entertainment and Film Industry: Deep fake technology has been used to rejuvenate or recreate actors in movies and TV shows. For example, in "The Mandalorian," a younger version of Luke Skywalker was created using this technology. Also, a younger version of Harrison Ford, and Tom Cruize to River Phoenix. 
  2. Political Misinformation: There have been instances where deep photo fakes were used to create videos of political figures saying or doing things they never actually did. These can be particularly dangerous as they can spread misinformation and influence public opinion. Some are clearly used to misinform voters, as in the photo of Trump, while the Biden one is an obvious spoof.



  1. Video Manipulations: Celebrities and just regular folks have been targets of deep video fakes, where their images are superimposed in inappropriate or compromising situations, often without their consent. It has gotten to the point where even teens have used this technique to embarrass others; it's that easy to do today.
  2. Art and Historical Recreation: Artists and researchers have used deep fake technology to recreate historical figures or imagine how they might look and sound, based on paintings and descriptions.

Hypothetical Examples of Deep Fakes

  1. Education and Training: Deep fakes could be used to create realistic training videos, where historical figures or experts (who are no longer alive) deliver lectures or training sessions.
  2. Corporate Misrepresentation: In business, deep fakes could create fake announcements from CEOs or other key figures, potentially impacting stock prices or causing corporate disruption.
  3. Legal and Judicial Scenarios: Fabricated evidence in the form of deep fake videos or audio recordings could be used to incriminate or exonerate individuals in legal cases falsely.
  4. Social Engineering and Fraud: Deep fakes could be used in sophisticated phishing schemes, where fraudsters impersonate trusted individuals to extract sensitive information or money.

Ethical and Legal Considerations

Using deep fakes raises significant ethical and legal questions concerning consent, privacy, and potential harm. There is an ongoing debate about regulating this technology to prevent misuse while allowing for its beneficial applications. The challenge is to balance innovation, freedom of expression, and protection against harm.

In summary, while deep fakes offer exciting entertainment, art, and education possibilities, their potential for misuse in spreading misinformation, manipulating public opinion, and conducting fraud is a serious concern. It's crucial for both the public and professionals to be aware of the capabilities and risks associated with deep fake. 

Think of the consequences for you and your company

Whether it’s for trying to damage one's brand or reputation, either way, you might not want to be the victim of a real fake. Unfortunately, It’s awfully hard to undo things once they are seen (try not to think of the proverbial pink elephant).  Think of a deep fake or your product not working in an ad or in an online video. There might not be a good way to try to correct it, as any attempt will likely only draw more attention to it.  

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