Do you use more than one software program to run your staffing firm?

  By Lynn Connor  |    Monday October 26, 2020

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I’m shocked at how many staffing firms use more than one software to run their business.  We speak with countless owners and bookkeepers who use one program for their front office, and another for their back office.  

How can you effectively manage thousands of employees, job candidates, clients and prospects with several software systems? Duplicate data entry is the last thing any staff member should spend time on right now and if you’re using Quickbooks, it wasn’t made for the staffing industry.  COATS Staffing Software was.  

In fact, COATS was established twenty-five years ago by a staffing company owner who couldn’t find an efficient or effective program to run their business.  We offer a custom software solution developed specifically for staffing firms, because we know all about your unique business needs.  Job posting, remote hiring tools, employee and client management, payroll and accounting requirements are completely managed and directed within this software.  Front and back office staffing software has always been our niche.

COATS is like a great orchestra, capable of producing a rich, full well-blended sound with clear balance across woodwinds, strings, brass and percussion.  Our application, infrastructure, data and processes all come together in one clear enterprise, one software program that makes the perfect harmony for a staffing firm.  This can’t happen with fragmented systems and multiple software packages.  

Staffing software helps agencies organize and optimize their workflow with full automation and integration.  COATS has continually improved upon and programmed our software technology based on your needs and integrated with the right partners for the best tools available.  Quality staffing software integration is key for our users to access technology as it’s available.  

Over the years, we’ve partnered with fourteen companies to be exact, in order to provide the best resources to our clients.  Here’s three examples of who and why:  when 83% of employees respond via text within 30 minutes or less, offering zipwhip to our clients was key. When the ACA became a federally mandated program, integrating with Essential Staff Care allowed our clients to meet those requirements.  And when a global pandemic affected the country this year, our electronic onboarding was a life saver.  Offering a one time sign for employees and one time data entry for your Recruiters, saves significant time and money.  

With thousands of employees working for you daily with varied length of assignments, pay and bill rates, turnover, temp to hire and direct placement - you need fast and accurate onboarding.  Using paper has been rendered almost obsolete and electronic form completion has become critical during Covid.  COATS is more than a software program, it’s a staffing software solution.  

Remote hiring tools are no longer a luxury.  They’re a necessity, with staffing firms unable to interview employees face-to-face.  We can’t afford to miss a note right now.  Employees and clients are not in the mood for bad melodies.   

It’s time to use one interface, one platform to manage your staffing business.  Ensure your firm is using 21st-century recruiting and put the power of COATS Staffing Software technology to work.  Call us today at 1-800-888-5894 and be ONE, AND DONE.  

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