By Barb Bruno  |    Monday June 13, 2017

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In addition to providing training, I have always tried to keep owners informed of trends or challenges.  It has come to my attention that many owners in our profession are receiving email informing them that their Domain listing needs renewed.  The service offered by the scam is “Annual Website Domain Listing Renewal.”  

The companies sending these out do not own or control your domains.  We recently received a formal correspondence in the mail from Domain Listings asking for $228.00.  We did not pay this because we knew it was a SCAM.  These notices appear to be a formal notice, with a self-addressed stamped envelope enclosed.   

If any of you own our Career Portal for candidates you don’t place and get one of these notices, please ignore them.  We track and pay for your domain name renewals every year.  

Two of the most common companies operating this scam are Domain Listings and WHOIS.  Please disregard any notices you receive from these or any other companies offering to provide this service.  Only pay the company who originally provided your domain name.

On another note, if any of you employ individuals with an H1B Visa, changes are being proposed that could prevent you from placing this talent.  It is critically important that you contact your elected officials to prevent changes that could negatively impact your business.  I do have information that is being distributed by Tech Serve Alliance that I would be happy to share with you.  Send an email to

and put the word H1B Visa in the subject line, and I’ll forward you the information TSA is sharing with me.

Lastly, most of you are extremely busy just trying to cover all the business you’re writing.  However, you can never be too busy to pay attention to the services you’re being billed for, especially your internet, phone and cell phone plans.  Even if you have to pay penalties for ending contracts early, you may save money within a few short months.

Review the resources you are providing for your team and track the return on your investment.  You should not retain resources that are not enhancing your bottom line, just because you’ve always provided them.  You may decide to invest in a new resource that would provide you with a better ROI.

If you don’t have time to review services, assign this to a non-revenue generator in your office and bonus them on the money saved if you switch to a new vendor.  One third of this year is over, wouldn’t it be great if you not only increased sales in the last two-thirds of this year, but also reduced your expenses?


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