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  By Anonymous  |    Wednesday April 7, 2016

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EMinfo asked Conni to share her insights to a few questions on how the industry is changing and what the future holds for the executive search profession:


EMinfo: How has candidate sourcing changed in recent years?

Conni: The rise of the internet and the revolution of social media and mobile technology has advanced candidate sourcing tremendously, delivering data instantly and quickening the executive search process.  As a Research Associate or Associate, we access these sites and search for potential candidate based on experience, skills, certifications, geography and other criteria.  We can initially vet candidates before initial contact, making the process much easier and more efficient. Social media as a sourcing tool is on the rise. In 2015, 26% of recruiters hired someone they found on Facebook and 14% hired from Twitter. Social recruiting in 2016 will bring a major change, possibly even integrating social media directly with CVs and profiles all in one place.


EMinfo: Have technological solutions replaced telephone sourcing?

Conni: Beware the seduction of the Internet. It promises an easy shortcut but it’s a false promise. The Internet relies on what people have said, about themselves or others, and can be misleading. It enables speedy sharing but the human intelligence, the on-the-ground research gathering still delivers advantageous analysis for selecting the best possible candidate per a client’s needs.  There is a level of inaccuracy on the web that will always require phone verification. Many believe technology can deliver the most qualified talent but research professionals who do not supplement online research with telephone intelligence risk missing qualified talent that chooses to keep a low online profile, particularly those in in-demand roles.


EMinfo: What is the single biggest issue facing executive research professionals?

Conni: The temptation to cut corners is great, especially when a few web results prove satisfactory. Now that everyone has access to the same data and the playing field is leveled, how can you distinguish your results? Phone research and outreach continues to distinguish great search professionals’, and more importantly their client companies’, candidate quality results. Learning the efficient, metrics-driven process to recruit the best candidates online and by phone is empowering.

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