Fatal Mistakes You are Making On LinkedIn by Neil Lebovits

  By Anonymous  |    Tuesday May 7, 2014

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Let’s face it, LinkedIn has changed massively over the last few months, let alone the past few years! The fact is that most recruiting firms and owners and just not taking advantage of the LinkedIn tools and hidden tricks!  You can see all of the fatal mistakes that you are making on a free one hour webinar here by clicking this link and then click on the red free webinar hyperlink:

However, below is a brief summary of some of the key mistakes:


You ARE using the basic LinkedIn Package.

It just isn’t enough! You need to use the premium features and don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to get them and master them. Neil covers all of the key features and how to use them in his 11 hour/8 session LinkedIn Xtreme Master Course.


Your profile is chock full of mistakes!

It isn’t visible enough and you are not showing up high enough in the rakings! 85% of users have a free account. They are limited to 100 results and if you don’t show up on the first page, let alone the first 100, you might as not be on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has an algorithm that it uses to rank you. Neil shares ALL of it in his program, but here are some key tips!

·  Completeness! Yes, the more complete your profile, including all of your jobs, uploading media, adding projects, etc, is a key part of the algorithm. SO, go back to your profile and make sure you have everything uploaded. 

·  Keywords are important but keyword dumping won’t do you much good. The Googles and LinkedIns of the world have figured this out! Instead, you want to use keyword Variations-In other words, DIFFERENT keywords that mean the same things! 

·  Your headline is extremely SEO friendly and important for ranking! Use words that people will search on!

·  Your Job TITLES are very SEO sensitive and use for rankings. So, don’t use words like “owner, or president or founder”.  Instead, put in words like “Recruiter Trainer”, in my case or “Technology Recruiter”, etc. 


Just by making these changes, you can see INSTANT results in your ranking!!  Again Neil covers these and so many more fatal mistakes in his free webinar “The Fatal Mistakes You Are Making On LinkedIn”.  He also strongly urges you to checkout his Xtreme Mastery Program, which covers 11 hours over 8 sessions and can be found here

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