By Barb Bruno  |    Tuesday April 23, 2024

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Are you a Doer or a Hoper? The distinction between these two personas is crucial, shaping your response to challenges, resilience in the face of adversity, and overall success in reaching your objectives and expanding your business. In my view, the decisive factor for enhancing both your professional and personal life lies in "the actions you undertake."

Upon embarking on the entrepreneurial journey, what were your aspirations? Does your present lifestyle reflect the dreams and goals you harbored when you first embarked on this venture?

Entrepreneurs who embody the spirit of the Doer adopt a proactive stance towards life. They recognize the importance of dreams and ambitions but are acutely aware that without tangible action, these dreams will remain unfulfilled. Characterized by resilience, resourcefulness, and determination, Doers relentlessly chase success.

Conversely, Hoper entrepreneurs, while possessing dreams and objectives, often resort to excuses when faced with failure. Common rationalizations include challenging market niches, detrimental locations, unengaged teams, unreachable clients, or a preference for temporary hires and contractors over direct employment. In my consulting experience, I find such explanations unconvincing. I've witnessed other clients thriving in identical conditions, a testament to the fact that success is attainable for Doers who seek solutions rather than excuses.

Take, for example, my grandson Jack, a high school basketball team's starting guard and epitome of a Doer. His proactive approach and leadership on the court exemplified the actions necessary for victory. Despite a recent loss in the Semi-State game against Indiana's top team, their performance, just five points shy of a win, demonstrated true Doer spirit, setting Jack on a path of success for college and beyond.

Engaging with conference attendees, I noted a strong emphasis on the value of positive thinking. However, I observed a gap between visualizing success and executing the required steps to achieve it, with many viewing obstacles as signs of inevitable failure.

While a positive mindset is invaluable for a leader, it must be coupled with actionable steps toward realizing your dreams. I challenge you today: outline the practical measures you will implement in Q2 to turn one of your dreams into reality. By visualizing your goal—be it professional or personal—and underpinning it with specific actions, you train yourself to be a Doer, not a Hoper, thus ensuring the attainment of your objectives and the growth of your business.

Embrace the journey from vision to victory; transform from a Hoper to a Doer.

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