How DYI Can Hurt Your Image by Tiffany Turner

  By Anonymous  |    Sunday February 12, 2018

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With all the technology that we have at our fingertips, programs to simplify everything from banking to baking it seems like it’s become easier to do everything ourselves. Which in way is true, but…does it end up being done well?

Vista print is a great example, they have amazing deals, quality products and can allow you to pick your design. You can scroll through hundreds of pre-made designs and pick your favorite. Yet here’s the problem with that, that design you picked with the gold leaf and the green squares that just seems to fit the motif of your business of your staffing or recruiting firm perfectly, was also just chosen by a local upscale dog walking business….

Just because you’re given the ability to do something yourself doesn’t mean it’s the best you can do. Had you opted for the custom designed card you would have your own identity and that candidate that walked in your door did so for your business, not because they thought you were the dog walking place. Sounds ridiculous? Let me tell you the younger generations rarely read anything past the twitter old standard of 148 characters (recently expanded, but you get the point) and even then, it falls second to imagery. They identify with logos and images more than words. So, it’s that similar imagery that stuck in their head, not the writing on the card. 

Everything successful today is succinct, neatly packaged, and easily accessible or attainable, but just because the design is simple doesn’t mean it’s easy to create. 

Good people can make it look that way, but that’s why they get the big bucks. Let’s face it how many blogs have you started to read only to realize it’s too poorly written or boring to finish? Or how about visiting someone’s website only to find that information is dated, the pictures are the same from your dentist’s site and/or the navigation is impossible to figure out? People remember the bad just as easy if not easier than the good. So, it’s important to figure out how to delegate what you’re not good at. This can mean hiring a company like Parqa, Haley or Top Echelon to do your website and help create your identity or even looking within your company for those who have the skills themselves. You might have the next big cooking blogger working for your who is about to be a success because they’re a witty and articulate writer. They would be perfect to help your company grow your online content marketing and they might love their job even more because they now get to do something they love.  

Too often I’ve seen bosses and managers try to do things themselves without thinking about if there’s someone better to do it. It’s a both a personality flaw and attribute to those it leadership positions. They can get stuff done no matter what! But let’s face it, the really good leaders are those who don’t just get it done no matter what, they are those who get it done the very best! 

In a world that is so connected to the Internet that if it’s not posted, people (jokingly) ask did it really happen, understanding that what you put out there matters. So, before you decided to used stock photos on a DYI website program, ask yourself how you want to be seen. If you’re just trying to have something with your location and phone number and don’t care about your online presence then it might be good enough for you. But if you’re trying to attract people and entice them to utilize your services above everyone else, then you need to stand out from them. The only way to really do this is to make sure you have the best you can afford producing unique content! 


Five things to avoid at all cost if you want to stand out:

1.  Stock photos - do you really want to run the risk of reminding someone of another company because you both used the same photos?

2.  Using photos that are either too big or too small - If they are too large of a file they will take a while to upload for folks who might not have the fastest service or are looking on their phone and too small can make the image unclear and pixelated looking unprofessional. 

3.  Pre-made or templated designs - these can be even more embarrassing if you choose one that your babysitter/hairdresser/local wine shop (etc.) used. 

4.  Dated material or styles - keeping up with your content is key and checking the dates on any content you choose to share is important as well. You don’t want to be sharing staffing trends from 2008! 

5.  Running old or out date programs - make sure that if you have an interactive site that everything is compatible with the newest browsers and platforms. There’s nothing worse than visiting a site and not being able to do something because it doesn’t work on your browser. 

Now with all that said I know that sometimes you’ll use a company to help with your marketing and web presence and they’ll do some of the above. It’s up to you to be able to vocalize the type of presence you want. Providing them with pictures of your office and people so they can use them instead. Have a professional logo done and use that to inspire your own personalize template. Lastly, stay on top of your content or hire someone to do so. Making sure that you remove or archive dated material and keep your programs and software up to date. 

Looking back on all I have just addressed there is enough work for at the very least 3 people: your content manager, your designer and your photographer. It’s almost impossible to do all of this by yourself and do it well. Surround yourself with talented people, ask your employees about their hobbies and interest to find their talents and/or hire a good company to help you reach greater heights! 

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