How to Create a Social Media Strategy for Your Staffing Firm

  By David Searns  |    Wednesday February 2, 2022

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Using social media – but not seeing great results?


Let’s change that!


When we think about why we’re using social media in the first place, it’s to drive measurable business success. It’s not to join the noise and the clutter that is social media; it’s to drive measurable ROI for our staffing and recruiting firms. That said, where do we get started?


Define Your Goals

When you think about yourself as a staffing or recruiting firm owner, what are your goals and what are your objectives for this week, this quarter, or even for this year? Consider what you want to achieve, and once you have that defined, start thinking through what that means from a social media standpoint.


Conceptualize Your Strategy

What social media strategies could help you achieve your goals? For example:

· If your goal is driving sales leads, you may need to think through your website’s conversion funnels, and then determine how to use social media to get people to key pages on your site. 

· Or if your goal is to build a deeper talent pool of highly qualified talent, maybe you need to build a recruiting strategy to become an employer of choice – and then use social media to build your brand and stay top of mind. 


Countless strategies align with business growth and development, and candidate growth and development. The key is to make sure your social media strategies support your overall goal.


This Snack Time video explains ways to build a solid social strategy to achieve your sales and recruiting goals.


Outline Tactics

There are so many tactics that you can deploy on social media. There are so many different platforms and different avenues where you could share content, or where you can engage with applicants or prospects. You need to outline your tactics and think through them.


Once you’ve identified your goals and thought through your strategy, you can begin to outline your tactics. Here’s an example of the daily social sharing tactics you could deploy in support of a client-facing social strategy:

· Monday: Share Monday Motivation imagery to start the week on a high note.

· Tuesday: Share testimonials from current clients that show you’re a great partner in your local market.

· Wednesday: Share relevant blog content that relates to a key issue your ideal clients face.

· Thursday: Share a series of client pain points. You know your local market better than anybody else; what are the biggest challenges that current decision-makers face in your local market?

· Friday: Share some fun facts, incorporating client-focused FAQs. You could create an eye-catching graphic that has a question, and then the answer links back to a key conversion page on your website where individuals can act.


When you think through your social media strategy, it must come back to your overall business goals. Resist the temptation to jump into the latest and newest tactic on social media because you see bands, celebrities or sports teams doing it.


Be strategic in everything you do. Make sure every social post has a purpose and supports your goals.


If you need help designing and executing a world-class social marketing strategy, Haley Marketing can help! Connect with a marketing educator today.

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