Landing Pages to Build Your Email List by Tracy Gibb

  By Anonymous  |    Monday October 31, 2017

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Whether you are a seasoned veteran, or brand new to the marketing world, one thing you must understand is the importance of landing pages to your social media marketing strategy.  Most often, landing pages are used as a stand-alone tool to sell a service, however, when used in conjunction with your social media marketing, you can build an email list that will constantly develop business relationships.

Building these relationships not only will grow your email list, but will increase your online traffic and place the spotlight on your social media campaign – something that has proven to increase exposure and gain business.  Here are a few tips on how you can build landing pages to increase your email marketing list:


•    Your landing page design should be free from distraction.  Your landing pages are meant to entice your target audience, therefore; simple, clear, and concise is the best design.  By eliminating distractions and giving your target audience the exact information they need, they will follow your call to action – entering their name and email address!

•    Another important feature to use in conjunction with your landing page, is a feature box.  Feature boxes have been known to increase email subscribers by more than 55%.  The feature box is always located at the top of the page, and includes a commanding headline.  You will offer something unique in your feature box (different from your free item offered below).

•    Offer interesting and compelling content!  It has been shown that when you offer content, whether written or video, you will increase your number of email subscriptions.  Thirsting for knowledge, your target audience is looking for the answers.  They want to hear from the experts – YOU – and want to hear what you have to say, and want to try it themselves.


As you can see, building your landing page takes some creativity and specific knowledge, however, once you start building your email list, you will see the benefits.  You will foster relationships with your email list in a variety of ways, but the most important thing – you will be building relationships.

A new subscriber may not need your services today, but two months from now, when they need to hire someone, they will immediately think of you.  Because you are in front of them consistently, they will only think of your services when the need arises.  The same is true from the candidate perspective.  They may not be searching for a job today, but when they are ready, you will be their first communication.

Using landing pages to build your email list can be business altering, however, it is what you do with that list that will set you apart from the rest of the crowd and your competition.  

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