LinkedIn Profiles should NOT regurgitate a Resume

  By Barb Bruno  |    Wednesday April 7, 2016

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Social Media has changed the way we recruit, market and the way we are viewed by potential clients and candidates.  It is for this reason that your LinkedIn profile as well as the profiles of your employee must be a “mini sales letter” not regurgitate your resume.


Most candidates and clients will view your LinkedIn Profile to see if your company specializes in the type of position or talent they are seeking.  It’s also important to make sure your profile is not WWD (what we do) focused, but rather emphasizes the benefit to the clients and candidates you are attempting to attract.  


The following are some basic tips to help guide you and your team to improve their LinkedIn Profiles:


PHOTO     Professional head and shoulder shot


HEADLINE      120 Characters - should be keyword rich not your job title

                     Focus on words your candidates and clients would search


PROFILE              Edit your background   


SUMMARY         2,000 Characters – validate your expertise

                             It is easier to prepare this section in a word document and paste it in the summary section.

First person is key

Talk about yourself in the first two lines

Who do you help

WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) focused

Call to action

6.  Use bullet points

7. List links to website, to sign up or register

8. Add media, You Tube videos – add keywords to description


EXPERIENCE       2,000 Characters – not a copy of your resume – mini sales letter

Reiterate what you can do for who

Call to action

If different lines of business – separate them out


SKILLS                  50 Skills – 80 characters   Endorsements – only have individuals endorse your top ten skills, talents, phrases or areas of expertise


INTERESTS     1,000 Characters – something about you – trigger common interests can add keywords with commas between words.


BONUS TIP          Shift F3 in the bar at the top – put in keywords and LinkedIn will highlight use of the words in your profile.


SETTINGS           Uncheck the box – share viewers of this profile also        viewed.  


Implement these suggestions and you will position your business and your team more effectively to help attract the clients and candidates you prefer to represent and as valuable connections.


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