Making 2020 your Quantum Leap Year

  By Jon Bartos  |    Wednesday January 2, 2020

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2020 looks to be a challenging year for the recruiting industry.  We have record employment in every sector meaning few people searching for new jobs, more jobs available than people looking and  now - voice to voice communications are at an all-time low.   Ghosting, Turn Downs and Fall offs are at an all-time high.  And getting worse.    So How can we have a year where we increase billings 2-3x with all the above going on?  


Focus on the Communications Mediums that are Working


If your leaving voice mails all day and no one is returning your calls, you’re not alone.  Americans got 26.3 billion robo calls last year – driving the behavior for most to stop picking up the phone.  Add that to the Millennial Generation who prefers texting and social media you have a recipe for phone calls being much less effective.   The things that are working are Text and Social Media to get the initial communication going.  We all need to have phone conversations to build relationships and can influence decisions, but the initial communication is more effective to start a conversation is LinkedIn, Facebook, Text and Email.   A communications strategy encompassing all of these is mission critical to your success in this environment.  


Make it a No Brainer Reason for them to Get Back with You 


Why are most recruiters seeing lackluster response to their recruiting and marketing messages?  Because the messages suck to put it bluntly.  In this environment, most candidates are not looking and hiring managers are not just sitting around waiting for the next recruiter to call them.  Ask yourself – what will make it a no brainer reason for your clients or your candidates to get back with you?   IF you can answer that question, you got something.  Now make it shorter.   From a Marketing Perspective – it must be solving a problem or offering something they currently don’t have.   From a recruiting perspective – it must attract the gainfully employed, not looking candidate – to entice them into a conversation.    Spend time refining your message – making it shorter and more powerful.    


Focus on continually improving your performance (by watching the Quantum Leap Theorems) 


Many people talk about watching metrics and taking actions to improve based on their performance – but 95% of the Recruiters DO NOT.   The only way to get better – is to know how good you are at every part of this business today.  Pay attention to not only your activity metrics to insure you have enough volume to be successful – but also look at how good you are every week at Planning, Recruiting, Marketing, Matching and the Quality of your searches.   

By using a great – no brainer – message and utilizing the right communication mediums back up by watching and sticking to your recruiting analytics – 2020 will be a Quantum Leap for you and your firm.

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