Mastering Time Management: The Recruiter's Guide

  By Tricia Tamkin  |    Thursday April 25, 2024

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The Two Time Traps in Recruiting

In the fast-paced world of recruiting, time management is not just a skill – it's an art. Many recruiters fall into two common time traps:


1.The Illusion of Infinite Time: This trap ensnares recruiters who feel time is on their side. They procrastinate, putting off crucial tasks like candidate sourcing or client follow-ups. Sometimes the worst part of running your own desk is not having someone breathing down your neck to ensure you are getting things done! So, what happens? They find themselves scrambling at the last minute as opportunities slip through their fingers. Time, being a part of the fabric of reality, will continue long after your client’s patience and your wallet both wear thin.


2. Unrealistic Time Expectations: On the flip side, some recruiters set overly ambitious goals. They expect to conquer the market or build a vast network in unrealistically short timeframes. The number of people we’ve coached who start from the idea of being a “million dollar biller” who also insist they need to do it by the end of the year is astounding. When progress doesn't match their expectations, frustration and impatience set in, often leading to burnout or constant job-hopping. When you think you can do the marathon in under 30 minutes, because you timed the route in your car, you’ll quit by mile 6.


The Role of Time in Achieving Success

Recognize this: everything of value in recruiting, from building lasting client relationships to understanding the nuances of a niche market, takes time. You can't rush success any more than you can slow down time. 


Urgency vs. Realistic Expectations

To thrive as a recruiter, you need to balance urgency with realistic expectations – a concept I like to call "aggressive patience." Yes, you should pursue your daily tasks with vigor and urgency. Be proactive in reaching out to candidates, diligent in understanding client needs, and quick to adapt to market changes.


The Art of 'Aggressive Patience'

However, alongside this urgency, you must cultivate patience. Understand building a solid reputation, real relationships, a reliable network, and a deep understanding of your industry won't happen overnight. It's a marathon, not a sprint. You can’t keep asking yourself if you’re there yet, you just must keep running.


Implementing Aggressive Patience

1.Set Realistic Goals: Align your expectations with the reality of the recruiting cycle. Understand some roles take longer to fill, and some clients are more challenging to win over. Stop expecting someone else’s timeline to correspond to yours.

2.Daily Diligence: Work diligently every day. Whether it's researching new industry trends, expanding your network, or refining your interview techniques, consistent effort is key. One foot in front of the other.

3.Patience in Progress: Recognize that even with your best efforts, all things take time. Be patient with the process. Sometimes your shoe gets untied, the hills loom, and you don’t see a point. Remember why you started in the first place.

4.Support isn’t Cheating: A coach who helps you with goals, a running partner keeping you on pace and accountable, even the friend at the water station keeping you hydrated – we can agree this would help a world class runner or a beginner. Yet many of us go alone.


The Bottom Line

In recruiting, time is your ally if you know how to use it. By balancing urgency in your daily tasks with patience for the long-term journey, you position yourself for enduring success. Remember, it's about playing the long game with the zeal of the short game. That's the recruiter's winning strategy.


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