Millennials in the Workplace: Delishes Apps?

  By Anonymous  |    Monday September 13, 2016

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I remember when I was a kids and going out to eat was the only time I heard the word App uttered. Today rarely are those deep fried appetizing pre dinner morsels though of when the word is brought up. Instead we reach for our newest and dearest appendage: the smart phone! With an app for everything from ordering food at McDonald’s to catching fictional characters for amusement it’s easy to find an app for all your needs. Mobile app use is on the way up!

App analytics firm Flurry who has been tracking of more than 300,000 apps found that the average time spent per day on mobile devices is two hours, thirty-eight minutes, which is similar to eMarketer’s 2 hours 21 minutes calculation. But the most interesting break down is that Flurry finds that 80% of mobile device time is spent in apps, and only 20% in browser.

Nicknamed the  “facedown generation.” Millennial have the most influence on the success of an app. Things to keep in mind when doing an app is appealing aesthetically. Lets face it no one wants an eye sore picture on their phone no matter how small it may be. 

Keep things simple. 

Pokemon Go’s success can be attributed to two major elements: nostalgia and simplicity. The concept is simply to catch fictional characters and every once in a while fight them against each other. Sure if you get really into it there are more elements you can focus on, but for the beginner or basic user it’s still enjoyable. 

Thumbtack for Professionals is another top grossing app which helps people find new customers to grow their business. It connects customers with the businesses that best fits their needs. The app itself if simple without a while lot of pictures and a big easy to read font. Again another app thats easy to use, navigate and read. 

Research your industry and the top grossing app and you’ll find the look and navigation that your potential users like best. 

If you need more evidence that apps are the way to go ComCast reports:

Mobile: 41% increase

Desktop: 1% increase

This is important to note. This information tells us that it’s important to have a web presence that is accessible and easy to use on mobile devices. 

Simplicity again here is key!

Technology is continuing to develop in new and interesting ways. For example Duoskin, which is a temporary tattoo that can turn into a touchpad, remotely control your smartphone, or share data using NFC (Near field communication). Developed by a group of PhD students from the MIT Media Lab and researchers from Microsoft Research, this is an amazing evolution in technology. 

Understanding where technology is headed, you can avoid wasting money on attributes that are more showy and bog down the sleekness of design and the easy of use.  For example EMinfo is often asked why they don’t use one of those magazine programs where the pages flip and their answer was when using those programs less people can access it, depending on the readers Internet connection, type of computer and just understanding technology. Keeping to the simple PDF more people can access it with out worrying about their level of technology. 

As things have progressed different programs have become harder to use on newer technology and yet the simpler programs have been able to keep up and stay accessible. 

EM has now joined the plethora of businesses to add an app to their arsenal! Visit your app store and download today! Available for both iphones and Androids.


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