Mobile Traffic Has the Best Conversion Rates on Your Staffing Website

  By Anonymous  |    Tuesday February 15, 2017

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In an analysis of nearly 1 million website sessions on staffing company websites, I looked at the importance of returning website traffic and then I dove into the different types of website traffic and which category converts best on staffing company websites.


The last area that I looked at for goal conversion percentage came in examining website traffic on desktops, mobile devices and tablets.


Don’t Ignore the Importance of Mobile Traffic!


Don’t give users on your website a reason to leave your staffing website! If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, then website users will get frustrated and find another company that’s easier to navigate.


In this survey, more than 32 percent of the website traffic came from mobile devices or tablets. If a user can’t do something on your website (apply for a job) because they are on a mobile device, they will get frustrated and find a staffing company who has that functionality on its website.


The Takeaway: Have a website that is mobile-friendly!


Bonus tip: Users are spending 24 percent of their media time on mobile devices but only eight percent of current advertising spending is on mobile devices. First, make sure your website is mobile-optimized. That difference in user behavior and advertising spending implies a great opportunity for staffing companies to get in front of potential candidates and clients.


Analytics Help Make Informed Marketing Decisions

At the Haley Marketing Group, we work with more than 1,000 clients and have website data from hundreds of staffing companies. Those staffing companies cover the entire country (and a couple of international locations), encompass a number of industries and comprise a variety of company sizes.


From this analytics project, we gathered valuable data that shows the importance of a blogging program and social media sharing. The results also emphasized the need to continually reach out to your audience so your staffing company stays at the top of their mind and to also have a mobile-friendly website design.


Your marketing dollars are valuable so you want to make investments in areas and services that produce results. This analytics report helps with those decisions and should make you comfortable about making a commitment.


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