By Barb Bruno  |    Sunday February 12, 2018

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If you are not tracking metrics, you have no way to measure current success or problem areas of growth.   What you don’t measure – doesn’t count!  Tracking metrics takes the emotion out of critical daily decisions, and helps you hold yourself and others accountable.

One of the most common complaints I hear from Owners and Managers is that it’s impossible to hold people accountable – we will prove today “that is not true!”

Your budget is based on the projected sales goals set by your sales team.  If members of your team do not attain goals set, you will not hit projected sales or profits.  You are in business to generate profits and protect a healthy bottom line – not provide jobs for the people who you employ.

Your sales team is either adding to the bottom line or taking away from it.  You can’t afford to retain individuals who do not add to your bottom line.  Most of your time should be spent focused on helping your high achievers, not trying to save individuals who are not profitable.

Even if a low achiever is not costing you money, they are consuming your time and efforts and taking up a space on your team that could be filled by a high achiever.  Also, the individuals who are producing are wondering why you are not addressing the non-producers which questions your ability to manage.


The following are six strategies to effectively hold your team accountable:


Strategy #1 - Mandate 10 Non-Negotiable Goals and Dated Action items

They will only attain a higher level of success for their own reasons – not yours.


• Set goals in all aspects of their life

• Include dated action items

• Post the goals where they (and you) can see them as they work their desk

• Highlight the action items as they achieve them


Strategy #2 - Determine Small Rewards and Consequences


• If they attain your goals, determine how they will reward themselves

• If they don’t attain goals, determine what they will give up (consequence)

• Determine in advance and share with the entire team

• Add unattained goals to future months production


Strategy #3 - Track Stats and Ratios – It’s the Only Way to Effectively Manage


• Everyone should focus on daily results they need to consistently hit or surpass goals.  Daily results not set should be added to the next day.


Strategy #4 - Focus on Increased Number of Send-Outs


• Main focus of job is to get their candidates in front of hiring authorities daily

• Definition of send-out - Candidate in front of hiring authority (first interview)


Strategy #5 - Get Organized 


• Clean out what is on, in and around their desk.

• Prosperity is not attracted to disorganization


Strategy #6 - Conduct a Weekly Review


• What did they do right?  

Do more of those activities

• What wasted their time

Stop doing those things immediately

• What new idea to implement next week?


Why hold your team accountable?


When someone is not performing on your sales team, they are well aware of the fact that they are not carrying their weight.  They are not thrilled with their performance and often stay out of loyalty to you and your company.

Holding people accountable proves you care enough to offer to work with them to turn things around.  You will also at times come to the mutual conclusion that this profession is not what they are meant to do.  The Staffing and Recruiting Profession is not meant for everyone.  You can’t just like being a recruiter; you have to love what you do, because you have people’s lives in your hands.

Why should you hold people accountable?  It’s the right thing to do for them, for yourself, for their co-workers and your business.   

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