By Barb Bruno  |    Thursday September 17, 2020

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It seems like yesterday that the entire world was so very different.  So many of the normal freedoms we enjoy were taken from us in a matter of days and the isolation and limits have impacted millions of people.

As companies continue to reach out to employees who were furloughed or laid off, they are realizing many are not ready to return to work.  Many people will only accept a job allowing them to work remotely and the uncertainty of what schools will do in the fall have caused many parents to take a “wait and see” attitude until January 2021.

It is impossible for companies to operate without people, which is why so many of you have seen an increase in the volume of business written.  We’ve returned to one of the pre-pandemic challenges, where it is difficult to find the talent willing and able to fill our open job orders, contracts, and temporary assignments.  Many candidates are willing to work or change their jobs and many companies are hiring, but so much depends on how you position yourself.

Please share the following information with your Recruiters and Sales Team.  

Candidates and clients will buy, but they are tired of being sold.

During my interactions with candidates and clients, they have shared their frustrations with recruiters who sell first and listen second.  Prospects who don’t know the benefits you can offer are tired of being pitched and because they are being bombarded by calls from recruiters, they’ve included us all in the same “you people” description.  

Your prospects and clients are facing problems, demands, and challenges they have never faced before.  If you want to write more business, position yourself as a workforce | workplace expert and ask them relevant questions before you sell anything.  It is impossible to position yourself as a logical solution, if you do not know what challenges each prospect or client is facing.  In addition, their challenges and problems continue to evolve which is why you must stay in touch and informed.  Share some of the relevant information you read in Employment Marketplace which will also help position your team members as a trusted advisor and consultant.

Candidates are tired of recruiters pitching jobs even on voicemail and as a result have stopped returning calls or acknowledging email.  Some candidates will work, others will not.  Some candidates will go to work onsite, others will not.  It is up to you to make enough contacts to find those candidates who want to work and are the caliber your clients will hire!  Discuss what is most important to them, their timeframe and what they see as they next career move.

I know many of you are frustrated right now because of how much your business, personal life and bottom line has been affected.  But we still have a responsibility to help change other people’s lives for the better and to help our clients achieve their goals.  It’s more important than ever that your team knows to focus 100% on how they can benefit the people they contact!  Your clients and candidates will buy, they just don’t want to feel like they are being sold!

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