Professional Certifications Provide Peace Of Mind In Any Economy

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There isn’t a lot one can count on these days. The stalled economy has affected all manner and levels of business. An uncertain business environment has left some companies precariously wondering what the future holds. Trends, such as the constantly developing social media front, evolve so quickly it’s hard to keep up. The business acumen relied on for years may not be what it once was.

What the most successful top executives do know is that their people are their most valuable asset in any economy and any business environment. Highly qualified, competent go-getters producing and meeting company goals are the backbone of a thriving firm.

Where can executives turn to find and help retain quality people? A distinguished few recruiters have proven themselves by taking the time and making the extra effort to get certified.

The National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS) is the professional association representing the staffing industry and has been the industry educator since 1961. The NAPS certification program was designed to ensure quality staffing industry services and requires an ongoing commitment. A certification offers a mark of excellence and commitment to service in the staffing industry. There are a number of certifications that demonstrate this commitment.


Individual Certifications

To be eligible for Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) certification, candidates must be experienced in direct hire placements and must agree to uphold the National Association of Personnel Services Standards of Ethical Practices and certification program rules. The NAPS CPC certification indicates a recruiter has completed training regarding federal laws affecting the staffing industry. In addition to legal information the CPC examination addresses professional and ethical standards. To maintain certification, continuing education is mandatory.

The Certified Temporary-Staffing (CTS) certification is similar, applicable to those serving the temporary staffing industry.

Both the CPC and CTS designations set the recruiter apart, indicating: 

Knowledge of critical employment laws and practices relevant to the staffing industry and professional personnel consultants;

Dedication to upholding the highest ethical principles and standards in recruiting; and

Commitment to remaining at the forefront of the industry in these critical areas.

A Certified Employee Retention Specialist (CERS)-designated recruiter is a top-tier, strategic collaborator to help retain top talent. To be eligible, a recruiting professional must hold a current NAPS CPC or CTS designation or ASA equivalent. Intensive reading, workshop training and examination ensure that the recruiter has a keen understanding of this critical area of talent retention. Continuing education is mandatory to maintain certification.

The CERS distinguishes the recruiter, indicating:

Unique insight into the motivation and incentives that drive top talent and ensures stability and productivity for an organization;

Dedication to working as a trusted advisor to retain top people, and upholding the highest ethical principles and standards in recruiting; and

Commitment to remaining at the forefront of the industry in these critical areas.


Company Certification

In order for a recruiting company to be a NAPS accredited firm (NAF), a required number of employees must hold the CPC or CTS designation. Ongoing education requirements must be met by attending association education programs, attending training classes inside or outside the office, taking post-secondary courses relevant to staffing or recruiting, professional reading, etc., and attendance at NAPS programs. 

The firm must be a member of NAPS or any professional association of staffing or recruiting firms. In addition, at least one employee must have served as an officer, director or committee member of any such association during the past two years, delivered a presentation at an association’s educational function, or written an article for industry publication, thereby demonstrating dedication to the profession. 

The firm or an owner must be a member of an organization such as a Chamber of Commerce or National Federation of Independent Businesses, which has among its purposes the advancement or protection of the free enterprise system.  A required number of employees must actively participate in community service, such as walks in support of AIDS or cancer research, feeding the homeless or service on behalf of scouting organizations.

Certification demonstrates that the recruiting firm offers excellence in service and adheres to the highest ethical standards. Its recruiters are up to date on current employment laws and procedures as well as business operations, and offer credibility and steadfastness.

What all of these certification have in common is a sense of commitment on the part of the recruiter, commitment to service and commitment to excellence. In an ever-changing business environment, certifications provide peace of mind, a foundation of trust, that the recruiter is committed to providing the best level of service of which he is capable. He is dedicated to remaining at the forefront of his industry, to help you find and retain top talent and thereby help you remain at the forefront of yours.

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