Rank Higher on Google: The Biggest Factors on Your Website That Influence SEO

  By Tony Sorensen  |    Wednesday January 2, 2020

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Content is still king, and quality beats quantity every-time.  Your content has to provide real value to your visitors and should capture your visitor’s attention with images and graphics to complement the written content.


Not only is it critical to publish relevant content but it’s also important to update the content regularly


TIP: When optimizing your content for your website or blog you can utilize Google’s semantic search to get ideas for similar keyword phrases others are associating with that topic



An external link is more valuable if it links to popular and relevant pages that are highly ranked and related to the content on your web page.

Getting external links to your site is the single most important objective for attaining high rankings. This stems from the idea that external links are one of the hardest metrics to manipulate, and therefore one of the better and easier ways for Google and other search engines to determine the validity and popularity of a particular website/web page.

Below are some of the metrics search engines use to help determine the value of external links:

Trustworthiness/ domain authority of the linking domain

Popularity/ page authority of the linking page

Relevancy of the content between the target page and the source page

Anchor text


Adding high quality, trustworthy and informative external links to your pages will help improve the credibility of your website, while adding poor-quality links will hurt your site’s reputation.



52% of all website traffic generated in 2018 came from mobile devices

Mobile first website design is where the website is designed from a mobile perspective before anything else. From there, it’s then transformed into a design that fits all screen sizes.

“In the past, many responsive website development companies considered mobile design to be secondary, starting with a desktop design and slimming it down to fit smaller screens, known as graceful degradation.” – Lisa Lerman


Why is this important?

It all comes down to providing your visitors with a better user experience while they’re on your website, which in turn, drastically improves your SEO score. 



Structured Data, a.k.a. Schema markup, is code that you put on your website to help the search engines return more informative results for users.

With the increased emphasis on local SEO, structured data is becoming more important and beneficial for small and local businesses.

Most Popular Types of Structured Data Mark-Up:

Article/ Blog Post

Job Posting


Local Business Information


Social Profile(s)

Organizational Info

SEO is going local, so this is becoming a huge factor in helping small businesses rank higher on Google.


The Whole Package

There is no one thing that will single-handedly improve your websites organic rankings or online visibility.  It’s true that there are certain things that can have a greater impact on helping improve your websites SEO & organic keyword rankings.  But if you focus on only one thing without the other, one of two things will happen: 1. You may see a small improvement in your website’s SEO performance, but it will be short lived; or 2. You won’t see any impact.


It takes a combination of the above in order to see the SEO results you want on your website.

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