By Barb Bruno  |    Tuesday January 30, 2024

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High achievers in sales create, implement, and repeat a successful sales process.  In the staffing and recruiting profession there is a placement process that all but guarantees success.

To become and remain successful and profitable in the staffing and recruiting profession, it is important to implement consistency and repetition.  

It does not make sense to keep reinventing the wheel.  Once you have identified a system that works, you need to keep repeating the process.  If every person in your office is working from the same playbook you will all close more deals and details will not fall through the cracks causing deals to blow up.


Here are some additional benefits:


  • Easier attainment of goals set
    • You will know your numbers and ratios
    • Daily result standards will be clear
    • Systems all but eliminate inconsistent production


  • Expectations are clear for
    • Clients
    • Candidates
    • Supervisors
    • You


  • Consistent work environment
    • Systems insure everyone is on the same page
    • You can jump start new hires


  • Fair work environment
    • Everyone plays by the same rules
    • No favorites


  • Improved morale
    • Systems improve consistency
    • Consistency improves morale


  • Clear standards and core values
    • Systems provide clear standards
    • Systems reflect the core values of ownership


  • Increased sales and profits
    • Systems prevent details from falling through the cracks
    • Systems will help you close more business 


This is the number one common denominator of top producers in our profession.  They are well planned and know exactly what they are going to do when they start their day.  Mandated planning greatly increases proper use of time to focus on results-oriented activity.



You must know all the resources provided for you to help with your recruiting efforts.  You should identify at least one new resource for candidates every quarter throughout your entire career.  The better your recruiting strategy, the higher caliber of top talent you will represent.



Before you make your marketing presentations, you should have answers to the following four questions:


  • What is the marketing plan of your office?
  • Where are your highest margins of profits?
  • Where are you earning your highest fees?
  • Where has your office made placement in the past 18 months?



You could double or sometimes triple your referrals if you learn to focus on asking for referrals.  Some areas included in this process include:


  • Identify supervisors from past employers
  • Ask for three personal references
  • Compensate both candidates and clients for referrals



Most of you are using an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) or another system to track and retrieve information on candidates and clients.  These systems should be used identically by 100% of the people in your office for consistency and the ability to pick up where someone else leaves off.



It is important to touch your database of clients and candidates at least bi-monthly.  This keeps your name in front of them and will help you establish TOMA (Top Of Mind Awareness) when they are ready to utilize your services.


Follow up

Your most difficult job begins after a candidate accepts an order, contract, or assignment.  With the incredible competition for top talent, it is important to have a consistent follow up process after someone accepts a position and they begin their new job.

This follow up process includes both your candidates, as well as your clients.  Your follow up process can be marketing as part of your value added services.  The better you get at following up, the less you will have to deal with fall offs.

You owe it to yourself to determine what processes provide you with the greatest results.  


Follow the advice provided to you today, duplicate these processes and you will experience increased sales and success.

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