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  By Anonymous  |    Monday April 14, 2015

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When NPAworldwide merged with NBN (The National Banking Network) specializing in Finance, Accounting and Banking positions I was exposed to a new group of recruiters.  I am very impressed with the collection of members that I have met so far.  As previously stated, the reasons for belonging to a split network are the same for both groups, the expectations for results are the same, and the results delivered are the same too!

Expected and unexpected reactions are happening as a result of these merged recruitment networks.  Obviously we have grown the opportunity for all.  It is taking time to loosen up provincial thinking that can occur when two similar but different organizations merge.  We are getting beyond that stage and moving into the “what can I learn” from the other network and other members stage.  As a result of the combination of these two unique businesses, we have grown the opportunity to work more industries for those members of NBN that are interested in doing work outside of Banking and/or Finance.  While most firms remain committed to the focus that that has made them successful, some members are working to expand their markets.  Where these member firms turned away business outside their defined niche, these same members are now accepting assignments and working on positions across multiple industries.  This advantage is often overlooked.

While recruiters can overlook this incredible advantage of being one stop for all needs, or perhaps even begin to take it for granted, clients do not.  OK, if you are working with a huge organization they have their own means and they engage lots of recruiter to solve their needs.  The small and mid-sized company and their employees do not have the resources and need more support from independent recruiters.  When you offer the capability to work multiple positions you solve a problem for that company and hiring manager.  Oh, wait there is one more advantage that gets significantly under emphasized…global recruiting.  Yes, your clients may have needs in markets outside of the US!

The situation that made this fresh for me was a long-time finance industry focused recruiter that added the NPAworldwide capability to his service offering just after the merge with NBN.  He went to existing employer companies and started working a broader collection of their jobs in short order.  Then he started asking a new question…”Do you have any needs outside of the US?”  B.I.N.G.O!  The job orders started to flow.  He now has 10 jobs he is working through NPAworldwide partners in the UK.  The client has promised many more based on the results of this first collection of UK based jobs.  What the recruiter learned is that a capability like international search had great value to an employer in need of talent overseas.  He failed to understand the “pain” these international needs were creating for his client and was able to offer a “remedy” but overlooked that opportunity until just recently.  

What are the things your clients have difficulty with?  Do they know all the services your firm offers?  Is there capacity you can easily add to help address their specific needs?  

The greatest thing about expanding your capabilities as a recruiter is that it keeps the competition out of your best clients.  If employers have needs that you cannot address, they will be forced to find a solution.  So do not overlook the advantages you can offer as a single point of contact for a client.  They have much to do and the easier it is to solve a problem with an existing service provider the better for you and your customer.  

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