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  By Anonymous  |    Wednesday July 9, 2015

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We often look at the more unusual placements we do as “one-of-a-kind” situations.  That may be true for the most part but it is often the case that where there is one, there are many.  Sometimes when recruiters work cooperatively to provide superior service, the client recognizes the uniqueness of the situation, causing them to leverage the providers of that superior service to solve more “problems” than they had initially planned.  Let me share with you a story of a “Two for One” related to me by a network member.  Here it is:

The job originally came to Premium via a post on our NPAworldwide system by my Indonesia based partner. 

The process to complete this placement was complex, drawn out and at times difficult.  It involved, an Indonesia based NPAworldwide partner firm controlling the client’s job, the client headquartered in Sweden with human resource managers in China and Singapore.  The job was ultimately to place the candidate in Brisbane and the candidates were originally sourced from Iran and the UK.   Makes my head hurt just to say all this!  My firm, Premium Consulting is located in Brisbane. We had the client’s managers fly in from Europe and Asia to meet with the candidates and to conduct the interviews.  

There was initially just one position to be filled, but the client was so delighted with the quality of candidates presented that two separate positions were created and two candidates were placed. A two for one!  Premium is now about to start work on their 3rd vacancy in Australia, this will be another split with our Indonesian partner! 

We I have called this story “Two for One” but “Three for One” may be more accurate!


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Special thanks to Julie Parsons of Premium Consulting in Brisbane, Australia for the story.  Dave Nerz is the President of NPAworldwide (www.npaworldwide.com), a member-owned recruiting network since 1956. With the recent addition of NBN’s Accounting Career Network and the Banking and Financial Services Career Network, NPAworldwide consists of nearly 500 member firms and 1600 recruiters, in 32 countries, and on 6 continents. Members count on NPAworldwide to grow their revenue through splits, expand their industry and geographic capabilities, and offer access to a trusted peer network of recruiters.

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