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  By First interview  |    Tuesday December 15, 2020

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I’ve enjoyed an association with First Interview for over 25 years; first as an agency Sales Manager/VP of Sales with Cory Associates and then starting Paragon Resources, LLC as a solo recruiter in 2005. As solo recruiters, we have feelings that toggle between empowerment and solitude, so having peers that are going through the same business and sometime personal situations can be a shared experience that is unique to our industry.

With that in mind, I have always embraced the First Interview meeting as an opportunity to do a few things: 1) Get together with old recruiter friends 2) Make new contacts and friends 3) Learn or refresh myself on industry news/tactics 4) Make money- by networking my best job orders and candidates, then listen to other recruiter’s orders and candidate profiles 5) Visit a new town/city or revisit a favorite place to take a mental break.

The making money part almost always pays for the cost of going to a First Interview meeting. The cost of the trip is only a fraction of making a deal you wouldn’t have had the opportunity to make happen; in the presence of your colleagues who all have openings and candidates. I have made deals (trading send outs) at previous meetings while working out, drinking my favorite libation, eating dessert and in the last big deal, approaching a fellow recruiter having breakfast.

I had a General Manager opening with a long time Industrial client, (though I am primarily a Healthcare Recruiter) and noticed Wayne Cozad and Heather Winters having breakfast at our hotel restaurant. I decided to greet them and then share this unique opening I had in the Industrial area. I knew they had a great database, and the industrial sector was an area of focus for Wayne and Heather. Fast forward, after great persistence by Heather, we made the deal, which turned out to be the largest split on the network for 2018- $43,750. I’m just glad I interrupted Wayne and Heather’s meal as they greeted me with the professionalism, curiosity and an effective effort to help me.

I have also found that almost everyone I have had the honor and pleasure to meet on this network are good, fun, smart and professional people. By going to the meeting, it reminds me of our shared professional experiences we have and an opportunity to make money while enjoying a good time with friends and colleagues in a new or familiar city. It’s good for your head and bank account.

First Interview has been a great asset during Covid as they have been hosting Zoom meeting for each separate specialty area either weekly or biweekly. This has enabled all of us to stay connected and up to date on market conditions as well has share ideas in dealing with these unique times. During these session we always have a section that deals with “Hot Jobs that you need help with. I had 2 Jobs I needed help in finding candidates. Kevin Register based in Charlotte, NC emailed me after the Zoom meeting telling me he has a candidate in Kentucky for one of  my jobs. I picked up the phone, we discussed the candidate. I sent out that one candidate and we made a split that never would have happened if not for the Zoom call.

In addition, First Interview has also hosted at no charge to the members a series of training session on how to deal with these unique times. These sessions were presented by several of the industries top trainers (Danny Cahill and Greg Dorsching). These are just several reasons being a member of First Interview has been a real asset to myself and my business.

Steve Payor 

Paragon Resources LLC 

Laguna Niguel, CA 

(949) 218-6180

Founded in 1979 First Interview is the largest network of sales and marketing recruiters in the world. First Interview offers our members all the tools they need to work in the world of split placements. Being part of a network is one of the best decisions you can make to move your business forward. Building new relationships, developing new clients, filling more openings faster and a broader reach for candidates are just some of the things First Interview can help you achieve. All of this, while operating under a full set of Policy and Procedures that protect all members.

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