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Founded in 1979 First Interview is the largest network of sales and marketing recruiters in the world. First Interview offers our members all the tools they need to work in the world of split placements. Being part of a network is one of the best decisions you can make to move your business forward. Building new relationships, developing new clients, filling more openings faster and a broader reach for candidates are just some of the things First Interview can help you achieve. All of this, while operating under a full set of Policy and Procedures that protect all members


Steve's First Interview Story

  By First interview  |    Tue Dec 15, 2020

Category: Expert Advice, Motivational

I’ve enjoyed an association with First Interview for over 25 years; first as an agency Sales Manager/VP of Sales with Cory Associates and then starting Paragon Resources, LLC as a solo recruiter in 2005. As solo recruiters, we have feelings that toggle between empowerment and solitude, so having peers that...

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