Submit One Candidate and Close the Deal

  By Scott Wintrip  |    Tuesday September 11, 2013

Category: Expert Advice, Recruiting


There is absolutely no logical reason why customers buying staffing and recruiting services need to spend hours of their time reviewing and interviewing candidates. That is, unless you really stink at what you do.

If you and your firm are competent at understanding client needs, recruiting quality talent, and making appropriate matches, a significant number of your deals should be one and candidate submitted, interviewed (possibly even a working interview), and hired (or assigned if the opportunity is a temporary or contract position).

Since 2012, I’ve helped more than 100 of the companies I’ve advised shift more and more of their business to “one and done.” All of them are experiencing record-breaking growth, significantly reduced time-to-fill, and higher profit margins.

Is one and done happening on most of the deals at your company? If not, sales team is allowing your customers to dictate a process to you versus effectively selling a more efficient process to them. 

One and done is the way to go. It reduces labor intensity for both you and your clients while delivering tremendous value for which you should be equitably compensated. Now, just go sell it! 

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