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  By Anonymous  |    Monday April 16, 2013

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A wise mentor once said to me: “Mike, you can be certain of one thing in your recruiting career.  It starts with “C” and ends with “E” – CHANGE.  Every day you will see something new.”   

Every economic cycle gives us new methods, new approaches and new tools to help achieve success.  Social media and “big data” have opened new worlds to recruiters.  The amount of information available online today on companies and candidates is truly mind-boggling.  Those who succeed know how to find the right information quickly and focus efforts for maximum impact.

For my money, LinkedIn is the most powerful tool today for recruiters.  Most think of it as a resource for finding and sourcing candidates.  With its “advanced search” feature you can quickly zero in on “right fit” candidates.  I have 2,600+ first level contacts which gives me access to 20 million people.  (I pay a monthly fee for third level access and my LinkedIn is

 But here’s the greater value in LinkedIn in my experience:  Branding and Marketing.  With LinkedIn’s “Jobs” feature you can find open jobs in your recruiting niche.  Then you can look up hiring managers and send e-mails and LinkedIn InMails®.  You can market new clients, past clients and cross-sell current clients by finding and contacting hiring managers.  For maximum effectiveness each communication has to be customized.  

Here’s an InMail® and a response I recently sent to a past client with a goal to reactivate them.  (Names and locations have been changed to maintain confidentiality.  Plug in yours.)


Hi Jen - We may have talked before?  

I know many in management at {Client X} in {Geography Y}.  {Client X} had been our very good client prior to the financial crisis.  With the employment market stronger now, we’d like to again recruit and refer top talent to {Client X}. 

For 20+ years, my firm has recruited in {Industry Z} in {Geography Y}.  We recruit for a range of mid- to senior positions in {A, B, C Jobs}. 

I understand there are {A Jobs} open in {Geography Y}.  I know top candidates with great track records in {Industry Z} who would be a fit.

When is a good time to call you?  At what number? 

Best Regards, 
Mike Ramer, CPC, CSP


Jen’s response:

“Bob Niceguy is responsible for Talent Acquisition at {Client X}.  My recommendation would be to reach out to him via email.  His email address is”

The same day I sent Bob a custom e-mail and let him know Jen referred me.  The next day I sent him an InMail® and then called him later in the week.  We’re back recruiting for our client!

My challenge for you:  Make a list of 40 to 50 companies you want to work with.  Look up open jobs on LinkedIn and target market.  This will lead to more search assignments and more placements!

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