The NAPS Conference ~ Stimulus for Career and Business Success

  By Dr. Frank Burtnett  |    Wednesday August 13, 2015

Category: Certification, Education, Recruiting

A recent study has found that employers want to know not only what candidates have learned--- but also what inclinations they have to learn even more. According to researchers at the University of Missouri and Lehigh University, learning goal orientation (LGO) plays an important role in the job seekers’ quest for the “dream job” and success at what they do. One’s propensity for learning, in other words, has become a growing as a desirable characteristic among candidates for employment.

The research, “The Role of Learning Goal Orientation in Job Search Self-regulation,” was published in Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes got me to thinking about how the educational value of the annual NAPS conference, September 28-30, 2015 might be viewed in a similar manner.

When William Bennett served as the U.S. Secretary of Education under President Ronald Reagan, that agency published a rather simple publication containing a number of evidence-based, effective practices that the department felt could serve as models for duplication and replication. These exemplary practices, it was argued, were the crème de le crème of education practices. Bennett called the guide---- “What Works?” 

Having participated in nearly 20 NAPS national conferences in my role as Certification and Education consultant, I can attest to the conference mission of sharing “what works” with search and staffing professionals in all lines of placement and at every level of experience. There are presentations for owners/managers, experienced professionals and rookies new to the business. There is no “what works” guide in the NAPS universe, but the annual conference is the next best alternative.

Many reading this will argue that participation in a national conference now would be a luxury the budget cannot afford. I would argue the opposite. I would not ask if you can afford to attend the Boston conclave, but rather---can you afford to miss it?

Education is formal and informal. It is planned and spontaneous. It is organized and incidental. It takes place in the meeting rooms and over a meal or drink at the bar. There is no stronger network in the search and staffing industry than the one that will convene September 28-30 at the Boston Park Plaza and your absence will be a loss your business can ill afford. The NAPS conference planners have identified the timely professional and business development issues and the best presenters to bring them to you. Visit, click on the conference link, and you can see for yourself.

Education is never a luxury---it is a necessity! The more you know about “what works,” the better you will function in a business culture that wants knowledge and expertise that separates your firm from the rest.

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