Tips to Ensure your Recruiting Success in 2020 & your best year yet!

  By Jon Bartos  |    Monday January 28, 2020

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Many would agree that recruiting is not the same as it used to be.  Sure, we still must get a hold of clients and candidates and put deals together to make placements, but technology, communication methods and individual behaviors have radically changed.   If we are to continue to be successful, we MUST CHANGE as well. Here are a few tips to help make 2020 your best year yet! 


Communicate the Way your Clients and Candidates want to Communicate

Communication methods over the last 20 years have continually changed.  If you are still leaving voice mails and expecting to get results, you may be spending long days without a lot of conversations.  The key to this business is conversations with hiring managers and candidates.  What is communications method are getting the must conversations today?  According to Gabe Larsen, Author of Sales Cadence, the top three technologies that are working to get business conversations today in order of their effectiveness are: 




These all can be used in conjunction with your calls and voice mails to increase your conversations – if you have and effective Recruiting or Sales Cadence. 


Use a Recruiting Cadence that Works

A Recruiting Cadence is the actual order of your communication strategy including all forms and technologies in those communications.  In Gabe Larsen’s new book, Sales Cadence, he states that this communication strategy of how to communicate over a period of 7 days, is mission critical to have conversations today.   Your Recruiting Cadence should not be a one-time thing.   It’s a strategy to use over a period of 7 -10 days in order to have a conversation.    Though I would opt for a 7-10-day cadence, here is an example of a 3 day Recruiting Cadence that works for either recruiting or marketing.  

Day 1


Call/Voice Mail

LinkedIn Message 


Day 2

Call/Voice Mail


Day 3 

FW: Email from Day one

Linked in Message

Appointment on Calendar


The technologies you use, the recruiting cadence and your message must be fine tuned to focus on what works.  This will help you increase your conversations and success in 2020.


The secret to an effective Recruiting Cadence, is to change your message every day to include more value and more information.  That does not mean it’s a long message.  Most messages today that are most effective are between 3 and 5 sentences long.   Messages with a stronger value proposition and messages that are shorter tend to get better responses.  The Quantum Leap Initiative Programs covers all the above plus messaging with the first few sessions.  

Quantum Leap Initiative Program


The Quantum Leap Initiative is a program to focus you and your business on quickly improving the Quantum Leap Theorems in YOUR organization. It’s a year-long program where participants go through three sessions per month:  A one small group session, a one on one coaching call with Jon Bartos and a Recruiting Analytics Call on the last Friday of every month.  


Each month participants will go through the program and are asked to implement before the next monthly session starts. Initially the focus will be on improving foundational QLTs starting from Your Zebra and Value Proposition, then going to developing your Value Propositions and USP. We then go over the Recruiting Cadences, Marketing and Recruiting Messaging that works, developing a Winning Marketing Automation Program that generates leads, going from Contingent to Retained and ending with How to Hire and Manage High Performing Teams. Each participant and their team will validate their performance improvement by using Sealers’ Analytics by – the leading analytics tool in the world for reaching performance potential.


What type of Results Should We Expect? 

Participants following the program typically experience from 25%- 5x growth over an 18-month period based on your company size, rigor and focus of implementation.  To get more information on the QLI Program,  email me at

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