Trends: ChatGPT

  By Anonymous  |    Wednesday April 26, 2023

Category: Technology, Trends


ChatGPT has been launched for a few months now and 50% of business owners recently said they have implemented the chatbot.


So, JobSage wanted to see how it performed when it comes to sensitive management scenarios and had its responses ranked by experts.


Key takeaways:


Sensitive management scenarios: 60% found to be acceptable while 40% failed.

ChatGPT was better at addressing diversity and worse at addressing compensation and underperforming employees. 

ChatGPT earned its strongest marks addressing an employee being investigated for sexual harassment and a company switching healthcare providers to cut costs. 

ChatGPT performed weakest when asked to respond to an employee concerned about pay equity, a company that needs people to work harder than ever, and a company’s freeze of raises despite record payout to the CEO.  

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