What is Electronic Employee Onboarding?

  By Lynn Connor  |    Monday August 24, 2020

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It’s being used more than ever as people tire of laboring through mountains of paperwork to onboard each temporary employee your office assigns to work.  Electronic employee onboarding is paperless, quick and can help make your job easier.  

Think about it, having your federally required I-9 and W-4 Forms electronic, alone, is a game changer.  COATS integrated electronic onboarding allows for much more.  One state form, the 8850 WOTC Form and up to 5 forms your firm specifically uses to onboard your employees.  What are some client form examples?  Most staffing firms conduct criminal background checks, many have arbitration agreements, attendance policies, and OSHA safety information.  Many have specific clients that require forms to be completed by all assigned employees and having that form electronic as well, saves more time and money.   


How does it work?  

Once your employee is granted a job offer, your Recruiter within COATS registers the employee to complete their new hire paperwork electronically via their phone, table or computer.  This can be done from their home or in your office.  

Your employee will receive a registration link to complete a pre-fill form which populates the necessary fields on every new hire form.  This is a huge time saver because before your employee was filling in their name, address, phone number and other information countless times for each paper form.   


Where is the information kept?  

All paperwork is stored securely online.  The completion, signing, and storage of forms is all held on a secure site.  And, when your Staffer needs to register, review, or look up data later - they have access to all new hire forms completed through the electronic onboarding access, when authorized in COATS.  

Electronic employee onboarding enables you to get more done with less time and resources than you ever thought possible. It helps employees quickly get up to speed with your organization’s way of doing things.  It standardizes your talents’ new hire and integration process so that each employee is able to complete their verification, compliance and paperwork in a minimal amount of time. And when your next new hire completes the process, they’ll be able to start work with your clients asap, providing an immediate impact to your bottom line.

For all new hires, onboarding software can build in what you want your employees to understand about your company’s policies and procedures.  You will help your employees answer any questions they might have about the terms of their employment, their responsibilities and their role, while also minimizing the burden on your administrative and recruiting staff.  And, the collection of federally and state-mandated information, ensures that everything’s in compliance with the law. 


Is employee onboarding software right for you?

While it’s hard to say exactly how much you can save with electronic employee onboarding -- you likely already have a good idea of what it takes to bring on someone new. If each new hire bogs your Recruiters down in frivolous paperwork instead of allowing them time to educate each employee about their role and client; if compliance is a lengthy and time-consuming part of each new hire; if you tend to forget to file or send background checks; or if you have high turnover, particularly if it’s soon after a new hire -- you stand to benefit greatly from an electronic employee onboarding software solution.

According to studies, many employees say that they know whether they’ll stay or leave a job within a week of starting work. But the sad part is that for many staffing firms, a poor onboarding process can mean that great new talent is stuck filling out paperwork and engaged in other time-sucking endeavors that may make them question their choice. With the right onboarding software and processes in place, they’ll be able to get in and out of the required paperwork while they’re still excited about the position. And once you let them get to it, their passion and enthusiasm for the job at hand will start to shine, instead of being held back by a slow and laborious brain dump and an avalanche of paperwork.

If you are a COATS client, you can have access to our electronic onboarding feature within weeks.  If you are not, but want to find electronic employee onboarding that is right for your firm, it shouldn’t be hard to find.  

From new hire paperwork made electronic to processing payroll and invoicing clients, COATS helps you run a more efficient workforce. With a complete software solution for your staffing firm, COATS can help you make your staff’s lives easier because we all know it’s the people that really make a difference. Help them do more for your organization with COATS. Schedule a demo with us today!

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