What Weakness Could Be Limiting Your Sales And Profits?

  By Barb Bruno  |    Monday August 28, 2023

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As I’m addressing more hiring authority audiences, something they consistently share resonated with me.  The statement I continually hear is, “We can get 95% of recruiters to hang up with one or two very basic objections, and they never call back, so how bad did they want my business?”

During my weekly job seeker webinars, candidates feel it’s simple to get a recruiter to hang up by voicing just one objection, yet most of the candidates are open to making a career change and some are conducting an active search.

Unless your recruiters and account executives overcome at least three objections with every call, they are making customer service calls. Too often objections are considered barriers to success.  Most objections are your client’s or candidate’s request for more information and should be considered a buying sign. 

It could simply be the prospect’s reason for not utilizing your services nowIf your prospect is still talking, there’s a good chance they could be converted into a profitable client or candidate you could place.  I believe the word “No” should be interpreted as “Not Yet”.  However, most of your team members would probably hang up, and there’s not much profit in that.

There is only one objection that can’t be overcome and that is silence.  If someone hangs up the telephone, there is not much you can do, other than call back and apologize that your call was disconnected.

During my last several in-house training sessions, owners were shocked when they heard me role play objections with their recruiters and sales teams.  In most instances, by the time I had role played only three objections, it was apparent overcoming objections was most people’s greatest weakness 

All objections fall into four categories.  If your team members can identify the category of the objection, it will be much easier for them to overcome objections.  Your team cannot just be good at overcoming objections, they must be great.

Improving this weakness should start with you, the owner, because this is a skill that takes practice and the best way master this skill is to consistently role play.




· Service - Something is wrong with your service.

· Postponement - Method used for delaying a decision.

· Price - Service is too expensive and doesn’t see the value.

· Personal - Negativity toward you or your firm.


It is important to be able to identify the type of objection being given so they can determine how to overcome it.


Your team will hear very specific objections for your niche which must be written down.  Purchase two jars for your office.  Label one jar Client Objections and the other Candidate Objections.  Not being able to overcome objections is sabotaging your company’s ability to increase sales and profits.

Each time one of your employees hears an objection that stops them, have them write it down and put it in the appropriate jar.  Every Friday morning, role-play objections with your team.  Have them all stand up and if they miss overcoming an objection they need to sit down.  The last person standing can leave early or receive some perk that is valued.  This will encourage more preparation at your next weekly role-playing session.

You don’t want the same objection to prevent your team from attaining the level of success they deserve. If an objection stops their progress the first time, it is a learning experience.  If it continues to stop them, they need to learn how to effectively overcome the objection.

The Friday role-playing or role-practicing will teach your entire team how to fine tune their skills.  Long-term after your team has mastered this talent, they should continue to role-play objections at least once per month.  I hope you won’t be shocked when you role play with your team the first time.  Unfortunately, most of you won’t be happy, and you will realize customer service presentations are costing you a fortune.  


Go out and purchase those two jars tonight!

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